I’m One of the muses, A common wood nymph roaming around Parnassus, Happy with my little sweet pea. With her delicate, fragrant flowers Carried on long, slim stalks, She captivated me. I ran to her flaming with desire. I am flaming. Burning Blazing with desire. Too hot for my sweet pea. Because she’s so delicate, So delicate for me. As I touch her, she transformed into ashes. I burnt her. And out of a haze, you were formed. Like smoke given out by fire. A fireweed that sprang up in the burnt over area. A replacement, I thought. You quenched my thirst. Suffuse my hunger. My desire. I came to you for a crown And you gave me a kingdom. You made me eat on a golden plate And drink from your cup of diamonds. But like a common pitcher plant, Cut your base open And there you’ll find my body’s remains trapped inside. A pitfall in the middle of the forest. I will name you Venus? The goddess with a seducing brilliant red trap. Open to all beings that needs nurturing. Show your bosom and all will crave for your milk. From a butterfly, you turned me to an ant. When I brushed only slightly against your skin, You closed within an instant. Rigid spines on the margins of you blades interlock tightly. As soon as I was trapped, You digested me. Used me as a nutrient material. I know this is about to last for only a week. By the time your leaf reopens, You’ll be reedy for other sufferers. Trapped inside, I accepted my fate. Then there she came one spring day. My little delicate sweet pea. Now a spring beauty in full bloom. A low perennial herb. With narrow, succulent leaves And loose cluster of white and pink flowers. But your leaf has closed. I cannot escape.

Fangirl 7  


I'm back!!! Alive and kicking after being sick, not because of the ah1n1 virus..I'm just really really REALLY exhausted that I became susceptible to sickness. Anyways, It's been a while since I've updated this fic... so yeah... as promised, here's the chapter 7. Enjoy!

“Yoh! What are you doing?” Rika recognized Miki’s voice and swiftly closed her laptop.

“Hi! When did you arrive?” Rika asked nervously. She was reading some comments on Kuwagata’s site when Miki suddenly spoke from behind her.

“Just now… What were you reading?” Miki asked as she sat on the chair opposite Rika. Rika quickly thought of a nice alibi. She hadn’t told anyone in this branch about her fandom.

“Well, it’s nothing. Just surfing the net and opened up my best friend’s blog. I really miss her and her blog is a quick way to know what she’s been doing now.”

“Ohhh, a blog…. From what I’ve heard, it’s like an online journal right? Where people can posts pictures and write about what happened in their lives?”

“Yes, that’s it… But not all blogs are just about themselves. It can also be about their hobbies or favorite artists… It’s like they are making an unofficial site about it, without, of course, the knowledge of the one they’re writing about.”

“Ahh, so if I really like playing basketball, I would write something about it on my blog, like the rules and history and stuff… and if I like to listen to some artists… say Three-Tums, I would write about the latest news about them or their discography… right?” Rika’s eyes suddenly lit up at the mention of her favorite group. She can’t think properly for she was trying to restrain herself from squealing and blabbering about it. She remembered the fanfic that she’s currently following. It’s about Reina being a basketball player and Eri playing it at night.

“Yes that’s it! Woah, I didn’t know that you were listening to ‘Three-Tums’… that’s new… You know…”

“I don’t… I just heard it from the news. So, did you order some food yet?” Rika’s ‘adrenaline’ was suddenly stopped by Miki’s (piercing) words. How can she expect someone like Miki to enjoy the kind of music that her favorite group was singing? Her impression of Miki was that she liked groups like Malice Garden, L’arc and Ciel, Kaggra and other JRock artists. She imagined Miki always shouting at their concerts together with the other people and was wearing a black outfit with heavy ‘metal’ accessories and having thick, make-ups.

“No not yet. What do you like… Oh… wait… Don’t tell me…”

“Yakiniku!” The two of them said simultaneously. It was Miki’s favorite food. The two called the waiter and ordered. Rika noticed Miki looking closely at her.

“Is there a dirt on my face?” Rika finally asked after she can no longer bare Miki staring at her.

“Is it just me or because of the cold weather but it seemed that you lost some weight? You seemed slimmer now.”

“Really? Maybe because there’s so much pressure on my part like being asked to go to places in such a short time that I haven’t noticed that I’m already losing weight.” Miki blinked several times. They haven’t received any notice that morning about the visit unlike the first time that Rika stayed with them.

“Your father surprised you again right? Is he that inconsiderable?” Rika giggled. Miki gave her a glare which made Rika laugh louder. Miki knew that she was fooled by her boss.

“I don’t know because it’s only a joke! The real reason is that I’m doing some exercise every day. You know. December’s really a cold month and that’s my trigger for asthma so I need to make my body stronger.” Rika stopped laughing because she remembered something that Miki said earlier. “Hey, you mentioned basketball. Do you like it?”

“Yep.” Miki answered before the waiter arrived with their drinks. Miki ordered an orange juice while Rika settled for an iced tea. “Before I was playing volleyball then I became a varsity player of basketball when I’m in high school. I’m not really interested in it at first but my two friends introduced me to it. I’m not really good at it at first but someone taught me some skills and I’m pretty proud to say that I eventually became the captain of our team.” Rika’s eyes widened. She really admired and envied athletes. She wanted to become a varsity player before but her teachers were ‘forcing’ her to study more. The only sport that they allowed her to participate in was chess where she can increase her thinking ability and logic.

“Woah! Sugoi! You didn’t tell it to me before.” Rika thought for a while. For the last three months that she stayed here in Hokkaido, she really never dared to know Miki further. She didn’t take the initiative to befriend her more for Miki was different. Different in a sense that she’s always alone and glaring at most people she met and she knew that Miki was just forcing herself not to glare at her because she’s her boss. Eventually, within those three months she was able to change or lessen Miki’s attitude, and then Ms. Abe helped her also. She was satisfied changing her and talking with her, but she never found out the real Miki. They were both the same; they were hiding their true self from the other people.

“Am I not telling you now?” Miki replied sarcastically. Rika was taken aback and then laughed. This is the ‘real’ Miki Fujimoto. The two chatted while eating the food that they ordered. They were having fun that afternoon. After eating, they decided to take a walk. They passed a music store. In the window pane, Rika noticed something inside a store. It was something she wanted for so long; a limited edition copy of Three-Tums’ Christmas album. She was searching for it for four years now. It’s the last album of Three-Tums under an independent label before they transferred to Hello! Project. Rika pulled Miki inside.

“Ehhh? What are we doing here?” Miki asked. She was oblivious at what was happening to her boss. Rika wanted to squeal at delight when she grabbed the CD. She tried to compose herself by doing some ‘breathing exercise’. “Hey, are you alright? Do you need to see a doctor?” Miki asked worriedly. This is the first time that she saw her boss act like this. She was afraid that Rika was having an asthma attack right now.

“No, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. I’m just really happy!”

“Happy? Why?”

“I’ve finally found what I’ve been searching for four years!” Rika placed the CD in front of Miki’s face. “I finally got hold of this album!” Miki stared blankly at the thing in front of her.

“So, you’re a fan of them?” Miki asked while giving a weird glance at her. Rika felt like a cold water was suddenly poured onto her. She showed her other side to another colleague. Rika wasn’t sure of what she will do next. It worked with Hitomi because she was a ‘closet’ fangirl too but with Miki, she felt like it’s a different story.

“Well, my best friend likes this group. She introduced this to me and, I kinda liked their tune. I’ve been searching for this for years because this is the perfect gift that I can give to my best friend.” Rika told the truth at first but she lied at her last sentence. She will not give her precious CD to Ayumi, although she might lend it to her or give her a copy. And then Rika saw it again, Miki’s mysterious sadness.

Rika woke up suddenly. It’s already 4 in the morning and she didn’t have a good sleep at all. She just finished reading the new chapter three hours ago and she dreamt exactly what happened two days before; the time she visited Hokkaido. She can’t explain why she was being disturbed by Miki’s behavior. Inside, she made a theory that she already considered Miki as her friend than being just a colleague at work that’s why she’s somewhat concerned by her inner sadness. But what bothered her most was the puzzling statement that Miki said to her before they parted their ways…

“I’m having a funeral…”

She got up and went to her kitchen to drink some milk. As she was ready to go to bed again and sleep for another hour, she saw her laptop and her unconscious mind made her open it. Instinctively, her fingers typed an address and her conscious mind gained back its control after seeing that there’s a new update on the story that she’s following; a double post that she haven’t noticed earlier.

Chapter 7

Reina left something in her locker that’s why she decided to sneak back to her room. After getting her book, she quietly walked back to towards the main door.

“Got you!”

“AHHH!!! I’M SO SORRY!!! I just forgot my book and… ehh?” Reina saw a girl hiding behind the door. “Michishige-san? What are you doing here at this hour?”

“Well, I was doing my assignment back home when I realized that I forgot my notebook. So I decided to sneak here. And you? What are you doing here at this time? The gym’s on the other side of this building.” Sayumi eyed her closely. Reina held up the book that she forgot in her room.

“Same as you. I forgot my book so after our practice, I sneaked in here too.” The two laughed at the similarity of their situation. They decided to walk home together.

“So, you’re always playing basketball with your friend… Why didn’t you join our club?” Reina asked the taller one. Sayumi looked at her seriously.

“Because my beauty doesn’t fit the world of athletes. I’m more suitable being the muse or a captain of a cheerleading squad.” At this, Reina coughed out loud. She didn’t want to be rude or something, but she breathed in some smoke from a passerby who was smoking at that time. And besides, Sayumi’s pretty so there’s no need to disagree with her statement.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that.”

“Hahahah, well, you have a funny way to react on a joke.”

“Ehh? So that was really a joke?” Reina slapped her forehead. She realized that she was as gullible as her two friends. “I should have known.”

“Well, it’s not your fault. It’s really hard to know whether I’m joking or not.” Sayumi suddenly turned serious. “You can ask Eri for that. I’m always fooling her.” Reina was bemused by the reaction of her companion. Usually, if a person was telling that he was making fun of his friend, that person will usually laugh, but that’s not the case this time. And she was sure that Sayumi’s not joking this time. She will ask Eri about it when they meet each other later. “The main reason is that I do not want to play basketball without Eri. You know, we’re unbeatable when we’re together and I hate losing so yeah, why do something with all your heart if you don’t precisely know what the outcome will be?”

“But isn’t it the main reason why we always do our best? That unpredictability of the result is always a part of our everyday life, not just sports and that will make us do something that even surpasses what we thought is our limitation. I hate to lose too, that’s why I always practice to improve myself. I always think that there are better players than me. That’s my motivation.” Reina replied. This was the first time that they had a long conversation and a pretty serious one. She can’t stand people who easily give up on challenges and people who don’t even make an effort were the worst ones of all.

“Well, I guess you’re correct… But still, I don’t want to play it if Eri’s not with me. Basketball is something special for me… and for her I guess.”

“So, why don’t you play with her then? Is she from a different school? I always forgot to ask about it when we’re playing basketball together.” Sayumi didn’t let her companion see that she’s grinning.
“She’s not studying. Her auntie was the one who’s tutoring her. Have she told you a secret about her real identity?” Reina’s wonky eyes widen. Could it be that Eri was telling the truth and her observations were just fooling her?

“Is she really a vampire?”

“Oh, so she told you about it already. I thought she hasn’t because it seems that you’re not scared of her.”

“Because I thought that she’s only joking.” Reina stared at Sayumi’s eyes. She really wanted to know whether she was telling the truth this time.

“Well, I know that it’s hard to believe in these modern times but some paranormal things really do exist. But don’t worry. Her kind is good although they were portrayed badly in movies and stuffs.” Reina’s mouth was widely opened. She looked at Sayumi’s eyes and saw that she’s serious in saying those things.

“So, are there other vampires existing?”

“Yes of course. Most of them were in Europe but her family is staying here in Japan and man they’re really weird specially Eri. She’s always spacing out and if you ask me, she’s maybe an alien vampire so to speak. Hey, are you alright?” Sayumi moved her hands back and forth in front of Reina’s eyes. Reina mind was clouded right now because of the ‘vampire’ fact that Sayumi was giving her. She didn’t know why but she stared at Sayumi’s neck, scanning for something. Sayumi noticed that Reina’s eyes were fixated on her neck. “She won’t bite me. Although I’m a mortal and I’ll die someday and leave her, she won’t make me into a vampire. So don’t worry, she’s harmless.”

“Yeah, I know that. She said that she’d rather buy her food at the blood bank than drink mine because I’m her friend. By the way, I somewhat told my two friends that she’s a vampire because I thought that it’s not true. They wanted to meet the person who helped me improve my basketball skills and I somewhat revealed that she’s a vampire because they were curious why I have to get up early in the morning.”

“It’s alright. You were just telling the truth.” Sayumi replied. She suddenly stopped in front of a white bungalow house. “I’m already here. So they wanted to meet Eri? We will play basketball this midnight. You can ask her then about that.”

“Thanks.” Reina smiled and waved goodbye to Sayumi. She was just five steps away from her when she heard Sayumi yelled at her.

“I looked serious right? I told you I’m pretty hard to read whether I’m joking or not.” Reina looked back, bewildered at what the other said.

“HUH?!?” Reina yelled back.

“That vampire thing was really a joke. The truth is she’s sick and she’s afraid to tell it to you because you might not want to continue your friendship with her. Just let her explain it to you later.”


Rika just finished posting her comment for the said chapter. She was laughing because Sayumi was making fun of Reina. On the other hand, she was also curious about the way Sayumi was acting. It’s hard to know whether she was telling the truth or not. And Rika can’t see whether what she feels for Eri was the truth or not. She re-read again the past chapters to look for more clues and also because her sleepiness vanished. As she read the past comments, she realized that two particular individual looked like they were fighting on-line.

“Fans were scary nowadays. They look like they would kill for their pairing.. Wait… I’m scary too right? Especially when I’m too happy or flailing because of my fandom but still.. It’s different. I hope they can fix their differences. They are still, after all, following one group and that’s Three-Tums. I’m a TanaKamei fan but I also like KameShige. And don’t forget Ayumi’s TanaShige pairing. I hope Kuwagata can fix this one. I do hope it would be a threesome of Three-Tums, hehehe. Slowly my innocent mind is being corrupted by these dirty thoughts. Wait…”

Rika saw her own comment on chapter 6. She was ‘high’ when she made that comment and she haven’t realized what she wrote until now.

“It’s like a natural instinct for us. To move away from someone who’s different from us…”

“I’m different from the normal people. Hitomi’s different too. And the people who thought that she’s different were distancing themselves away from her… I can really relate to the story.”

She decided not to sleep anymore and read every fanfic she could but after a while, she was running out of new fanfics to read, or new comments to reply to. Out of boredom, she decided to make a drabble without thinking. She just wrote what comes first to her mind; not minding the topic or the outcome of the story. She let her mind drift freely into the unknown and uncertain part of her consciousness.


Can we call ourselves, friends? How can you differentiate an acquaintance from a friend? How do two people start friendship? Is there a rule that needs to be followed or you just both feel it? That’s something that’s been plaguing my mind ever since. Reina… are you my friend… or acquaintance?

Sayumi and you… Both of you became my acquaintance because of the audition. As the years pass by there were lots of memories we shared together and to be honest, I feel like Sayumi is really my friend, a best friend. We do things together, tell each other secrets, and always be there for each other through thick and thin; on and off screen. But you? Sure we do lots of things. We also hang out together often but then, I feel that something’s missing. On screen you were so close to me but off screen you become someone I don’t know. You always act indifferent when the cameras are not rolling. You have that far away, stone-faced look in your eyes, as if I do not exist in front of you.

I know that the word ‘friend’ is only a label, we only need to show it. But Reina, I don’t FEEL like I’m your friend at all.

Reina crumpled the piece of paper that she was reading a minute ago and threw it in the trash bin beside her. She was waiting for this to happen. It’s the only way out to ease her suffering. The truth is, Eri was really important to her; way too important than an ordinary friend. But she was afraid to show her real feelings. Feelings that need to be suppressed as early as possible. It will be hard but she will do it without regret… for the sake of the two of them.

The End

“Ohayou… It looks like you haven’t slept a bit.” Hitomi non-energetically greeted her.

“Yeah, and I should say the same to you too.” Rika replied. She was waiting for the bus when Hitomi stopped her car in front of her again.

“Well, my friend was bothering me to check her draft. It’s almost midnight when I sent her the chapters. I bet you read it that’s why your eyes were like that?” Hitomi inquired. Rika’s energy was coming back to her whenever she liked the topic; and this was the topic that she liked the most.

“You are right. And I wouldn’t have noticed that she posted the next chapter if I haven’t woken up from a… dream.” Rika wanted to say ‘from a nightmare’ but her dream can’t be considered a nightmare. She just dreamt what happened to her in Hokkaido and there’s nothing ‘horrific’ or ‘terrifying’ that occurred in there.

“Ahh, I thought it’s because of a nightmare. She did a double post this midnight...” Rika thought about Hitomi’s comment. Her voice lacks the energy so her statement can be interpreted in two ways. The first one was that it’s really a statement and the other meaning was that she’s questioning her that her friend did a double post for the day but she was too ‘lazy’ to do a rising intonation at the end. It’s possible that she didn’t know that Kuwagata posted two chapters at once because she proof-read four chapters. Or it could be possible that her subordinate already proofed-read chapter 6 before and what she finished last night was the 7th chapter and then Kuwagata posted the two chapters at once.

“Yep, a double post.” Rika answered and observed Hitomi’s actions. Like Reina to Sayumi, she can’t tell whether Hitomi knew about it or not. And she was really curious about it; after all, Hitomi was Kuwagata’s proof-reader. If she noticed that Hitomi knew about it, that means that Kuwagata was really a fast writer because she made chapters in such a short time or if she noticed that her subordinate didn’t know about it, then Kuwagata might have posted it without checking its grammar or she asked another person to proof-read her work. But Hitomi didn’t react even a little bit so she really didn’t know the answer to her own question.
“She’s like Sayumi… she’s hard to read.” She brushed off the thought and used that chance to talk with Hitomi about their fandom.

“What’s your favorite boy band or girl band?” Rika started.

“Girl band, its Three-Tums and then I’m more into the sounds of KAT-TUN.”

“Is it because you like their ‘rock’ sounds? Or because Reina’s brother is in there?”

“Both.” The two continued chatting about the latest news about their favorite groups but suddenly, Rika noticed something dangling on the car’s rear view mirror.

“Hey… is that a keychain version of a ‘Kuwagata’?”

“Yes. It’s actually a cell phone accessory. Do you want it?” Rika was surprised at the sudden question.

“Ehh?! It’s yours right. Why would I want it?”

“Because ‘Kuwagata’ bought it. I’ll give it for you… Besides, you’ll go back to your place in two weeks right? Make that my parting gift for you... or an early Christmas gift.” Hitomi removed the accessory from her mirror and hand it over to her boss. Rika looked at it longingly.

“WOAH!!!! A thing from my favorite writer!!! HAhaha, so I can’t get the first-hand access to her fics but… indirectly.. because of her friend… I GOT A GIFT FROM HER!!!!”

“Am I just imagining things because from the lack of sleep… or it’s really real that I saw you grinning like a psychotic killer back there?” Rika snapped back to reality when she heard Hitomi’s voice. Her fangirl side was popping-up once more.

“No, I’m not. I’m just smiling.” They were nearing their office. Hitomi stopped the car near the corner and Rika left her subordinate’s car.

“Thanks for the lift... and for this gift.”


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  • Anonymous
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    YEY~ FANGIRL~! *Fangirls*
    I love it! It's awesome! I have soooooo many theories my head will explode!
    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! ..... I think I just wet my pants....yup, I did... tell no one! lol

    awww... awww is one of the only concious thoughts running through my head while reading this.

    You're starting to confuse me with the story within the story. But I have a strong feeling it will be TanaKamei. I reckon Sayu has feelings for Eri but will step off when the time is right because she wants her to be happy and she knows she'll only be happy with Reina because she's in love with her.

    And the other story... man it's gold! I love it sooooo much! More twists and turns that that road in Italy.. you know, the one all the car ads are made on to show off their turnyness? That one! hehe, one minute you have me thinking one thing then the other. If I had to say one word about the relationships right now It'd be

    IshiYoshi *wretches at the word-sorry but if I hear it one more time I'll fly to the Phillipines and strangle truharmony with my own hands* - comfortable (like they're an old couple settled into a routine.. in other words a British couple XD Sorry, I keep thinking of the Fat Britain jokes made about them. Like the one where they've gone to Amerika and the old couple's in a car visiting the spot where they went on their honeymoon.. and the man's like "So..... you've ruined my life" XD and the narrator describes Am and Britishi couples as having one dif. "Americans usually get bored of one another and divorced within a year. The British stay married for their entire lives, choosing to live each day in unimaginable pain" or something like that which always cracks me up XD.

    Charmikity- interesting. They're like the baby bunnies taking their first steps or a bird learning to fly. They're so cute. But they're both hiding from eachother.. If Rika only knew. I think there's something more there. Rika seems really interested in Miki regardless of her identity and she seems to enjoy her company a lot. She seemed really hurt that she didn't also like 3Tums and she is really interested in Miki, wanting to know everything about her. I think it's soo cute when they're together! Like super adorable! Moreso than that movie about that panda... I forgot what it's called but I remember I wanted to watch it like crazy when I was a kid, asking my mum everyday for an entire year! Anyway I think there's mystery to Miki which makes her really interesting. She's got that "I was hurt before" kinda air which would explain why she's so secretive and dodgy at some points. Ugh why couldn't she be honest? Argh! Why couldn't she be honest? I reckon Rika might've even caught on if she did so. Anyway it's one of your charms, you make me think one thing and then lead up to it then twist it around and make it drag on a lil longer. Y'know? Like with a Gam fic, how sometimes there's a point where Mikis' like "Ok, today I'll do it! Today I'll tell her I like her!" and then something happens and she doesn't. Except it's like sooo before that here it's almost prehistoric. Heck, they're so before that stage they're like.... babies! ok I'll stop with the confusing meta-something... metaphors! yey! I remembered! I just suck at using them where it counts like oh say English -_o"

    Btw the whole timey thingy is confusing... But I'm led to believe that the previous chapter chronicles what happened when she first met Miki, then it skipped to normal time... no, not normal time, what happened on the trip to Hokkaido (is that it or did I mess up the places?) and then skipped to now now. Maaan it's confusing! Can you at least state where they are now (or the time or something) when you start a chapter cause all this back and forthness is making me nauseous.. the "I've been playing that drinking game where you down a beer and spin around on a baseball bat" kind. lol, no offence though. That's probably what you were going for anyway.

    YoMiki- hmm there's definitely something there. But I'm pretty sure they're just friends because why would you wake up your current/previous gf to proofread your story? Not saying it couldn't happen, just that ... hang on a sec.... Didn't Yoshi say that it was Miki that got her into the '3tums'? or something like that. Or was it her that got her into it? I can't remember but I feel like I should. I don't know, maybe it's not important but maybe it is. I also reckon it was her that got Miki into the whole basketball thing which would explain her macho-ness. Like it would make sense if she was doing it for longer than her and got her into it. lol.

    I'll shut up now because I started writng this comment a good 6 hours ago and now I completely lost my place and point so I have no idea what I've been going on about now X_X. STupid goldfish memory!

    If only it was like Ai's (my koi fish, I was led to believe they have better memories.... well she has definitely not forgotten how to jump out of the tank and give me a heart attack, that's for sure)

    Anyway I CANNOT wait for the next update and if it takes as long as this one I may shoot myself or jump off a cliff or something. Btw, you're the only writer of mine that I religiously follow, so to speak... that has not completely abandoned their writing! Thank you! Tito's busy with school, so is jpop4ever and heyouhiya..... I'm not even gonna say what hey's been up to X_X let's just say it's a more pleasurable and far less honourable pursuit than the others X_X.

    whatever happened to ringo-hime.... she's been ignoring me or soemthing! She doesn't even tell me when she's updated or anything anymore! Hmph! Same for Yukie.....Yukarin hasn't updated for ages either though..... WHY DO WE ALL HAVE SCHOOL DEMMIT?! Oh well, at least none of us live in Europe or we'd be screwed.... like literally kicked out of school. At least if they're anything like me they would.

    One more thing.....
    Let's be friends.
    I want to be your friend ^^
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    btw, going over some of the old stuff, I noticed a few promises for Yoshi and Rika birthday fics ;) ...... I wander if they're done.....

    Oh and is fangirl only about 10 chapters long? That means that by my calculation, Rika will find out Miki's Kuwagata soon, probably next chapter actually cause I was thinking she'd go to Hokkaido, see Miki and Miki'd see the Kuwagata and stuff and she'd be like "wth?" and something will happen, something too long to explain at four in the morning, and Rika will find out the truth. I also smell a luuuuurve admitance. It could be one of the reasons Miki was feeling bad or something. That and the fangirling thing. I noticed how when Rika lied to cover up her fangirlishness, Miki got sad. I think she was hopefull that Rika would like the three tums and therefore they'd have another thing to talk about and maybe even reveal her secret identity. I just wish she would talk about her day in her blog or something so Rika could get a stinkin' clue! Grr!

    And you'd think Yoshi would warn Miki. I mean if they were real friends she probably would've already. Nothing like a "Hey guess what, our boss's daughter, Ishikawa Rika is charmy, that fangirl in your blog." Which makes me wander if they know eachother face to face. Or perhaps they simply don't know where eachother works. I dunno. Maybe Miki could be sad she works in Hokkaido while Yoshi works at... it slips my mind but it's far! Anyway that's one of the things I had to talk about so I could sleep.

    Oh and another was. It's kinda funky having a fic within a fic cause I can never tell where my comments start and teh story ends XD. So I reckon if you notice a chapter ends with a comment, maybe you could write a lil more so no one gets confused *puppy eyes*. Hehe, I keep getting mistaken all throughout the thing and going "when did I write that?" and so on. The other funky thing is you see stuff they write and you wanna answer it. Like in chapter five or six, Rika's like "Oh Now I see the TanaKamei, but Sayu also has feelings that she wont admit for some reason" or something like that. I felt like replying "Sayu's probably afraid of admiting to her own feelings and possibly losing Eri as a friend and being her only friend and all, she probably felt like it would be even worse since poor Eri would be left all alone (well I can't remember if she had Reina then). And maybe she saw the way she acts with Reina and just decided to step off so she wouldn't hurt Eri or let her know how she's hurting by being rejected like that. She loved her so much she didn't want her to feel guilt for picking Reina over her. Ah, sweet sacrifice....." gah then I realised that the comment I was replying to was of a fictional character and there was no real point..... unless you put it in the story or something lol. Feel free to if you want. But it'll be weird having two charmies so maybe put it as something someone else said or something. kyah. Oh and I keep forgetting who Yoshi is on that blog. Like the blog name..... buggah! I'ma save this all to my computer and reread it from start to finish!.... oh wait, homework..... DO'H!

    Anyway thank you for the awesome and super long update (just the way I likez em). and I'm sure with Rika returning to _____ soon, mucho drama will ensue. YEY>< Unless it's a revelation by Yoshi I'm cool~ I have this nagging feeling she's not gonna let Miki just steal her away so to speak and she'll try and steal the story lol. Like her character will show up unexpectedly or she will ask Rika to be hers before she leaves etc. grr, I want charmikity! For the sake of not having to say the other word or hear it or read it ever again! No offence, really but grrrr I'm sick of that word and getting sicker of everything revolving around it. It's reached the point where even reading one of those stories makes me simply angry at the writer now. Not just angry but reluctant to read anything else of theirs or hating them alltogether. esp if they choose it over YoMiki or something.. anyway I'll shut up about it with my evil dark cloud raining on the fangirl parade.

    Goodnight..... what was I gonna do/say? I remember I was trying to remember to say or do something but dangit I totally forgot. Anyway good night. Oh I remember now! i think... I was gonna ask for another update soon please ^^

    I hope this whole thing is up by my final exams, that way I can read the whole thing to destress and not get sad or aggravated that it's not finished yet. DW that leaves you at least three ish months to finish what you started and according to you it's mostly done anyway. Most of my stuff is not even a chapter ahead. It's up to date with the updates... completely X_X I just sit down and out a chapter in like an hour and then that's it till the next time I really wanna update. I don't really have a plan, I just put down whatever comes to mind. But you seem to know exactly what is going to happen. That's neat dude, I wish I was that organised X_X but I'm running out of time.

    Oh man I am dying to know what that "Im going to a funeral" thing meant. Part of me was screaming "suicide" the other was screaming "she's alluding to the fic she's secretly writing" and the other was screaming "KISS HER RIKA!" hehe.

    ill shut up now, I have to be up in thirty four minutes to wake my mum up so she can go to work because there's no alarm clocks on the couch X_X.....

  • Anonymous
    17 May 2009 at 4:28 pm  

    This morning my fishy Orestes/Ophellia died :'(

    I'm having a tough time balancing homework and assignments and then this had to happen :'(

    I feel like I can't catch a break.....

    If you updated the next chapter it would really cheer me up though. :(
    But you probably wont so........
    I thought I'd try though :(

  • cogi_yoshi
    20 May 2009 at 5:17 am  

    hey charmy! I already sent a message to your email...LOL... So yeah, the only one remaining is the Yossi b-day fic... Still deciding whether to link it too to fangirl but if I will do that, I'll have to post it after chapter 10... because it will reveal too much...Hehehehe... And oh, it's up to chapter 11 and the ending..so there's 12 chapters all in all. I'll read your comments later... Right now, I'm really sleepy and I really have to sleep because I still have work... I'll answer the rest when I come back home..LOL

  • Anonymous
    21 May 2009 at 4:29 pm  

    WHY? WHY GOD WHY? My favourite fish Ai... she...... she died too..... :'( I can't stop crying. I've been crying non stop since yesterday.

    But your message cheered me up a little. I smiled for the first time in a while when I first read it. Sory I took so long to reply, I had school and I was sleepy X_X
    and now.....now I'm still sleepy, but I have to get my butt to work so I can get some work done before I get kicked out of school.

    PS if you have time, check out Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog. it's awesome! Anyway, I'm off now..... something up with msn it says 'blah blah blah feature not available right now but we'll connect you when it is' or soemthing like that.... I tried yahoo and your name's not showing up at all..... anyway I'll keep trying!

  • Anonymous
    21 May 2009 at 7:53 pm  


    sorry, I have a real detective's brain. I figured out stories way before their writers did. then I make the writer update with my panda threat, but we're friends so I can't use it.

    but thanks for that lovely hint there mwahahahahahahahahaha!~ I smellz conflict in the air (it was about time too!). Ooooh I can tell what's gonna happen!~
    I know a few things for sure;

    a Rika will return to Miki's office
    b Rika WILL find out about Kuwagatta etc
    c Rika will see Yoshi again, either by her going back or her coming to join them
    d Ayumi will keep writing stories I would never read
    e Miki will finish that gorram gokkie story or I'l spank her!

  • cogi_yoshi
    22 May 2009 at 11:52 am  

    First of all... I'm so sorry about your fishes... I'm sure they're in fish heaven right now..that is, if that really exists. I have a gold fish..and I don't have a name for it...But I'll name it... Taka.. short for Takahashi... And I'll take very good care of it. It will be your Ai's counterpart(although it's not a koi fish)...and now, something's cooking inside my mind...Hehehe..To cheer you up a little... on Sunday morning around 6 or 7am(may 24, Philippines time), I'll be online again..(I just hope my brother will not use my laptop)...and then I'll open my YM.. (I'll use meebo again if it's still not working). and then, I'll have a surprise for you..XD

    Oh yeah, sorry for making your head dizzy about the time zones... but yeah, it was short of a flash back to the time when Rika's in Hokkaido..LOL... as for the Three-Tums fic... I won't say anything because... well, it's a secret.... it really holds a big something so I think I can't comment on that...
    And yeah, Miki's in Hokkaido, Yoshi's in Saitama..and Rika... well the main branch is in Kobe... I forgot to include that... in the previous chapters..I'll just insert that fact somewhere..

    About the comment thingy, well, it would be a very long fic if I did that. I tried to focus more on Rika's story... about your A to E theories... one will obviously happen...and this is the only clear answer from me...about your D theory, Rika's b-day fic is the first and last 'Ayumi' written fic.LOL and about the E.... gokkies? Or Rokkies? Kindly remind me..LOL

  • Anonymous
    22 May 2009 at 8:28 pm  


    6-7am eh? I will find a time converter! through google! and hopefully load the page before Sunday.....

    So wait.... when Rika goes to the main branch she'll be with neither of 'em? Eh? Nani? What kind of a happy ending will that be? Oh wait... I think I got a clue again.. mwahahahahahahahahaha. Sorry, I keep doing the evil laugh cause I'm evil and all.

    Hmmm one of the A-E theories will happen. I hope it's the one about Miki and Rika having hot sex or Yoshi and Rika... oh did I not put that up there? Shoot! I meant to... anyway, let's say it's one of them and it's the one that's right ok? Deal!

    Lol, I'm a little cheerier today, this church thingy I went to was fun again. I've only ever been one other time and although I don't particularly like the whole bible-reading-ness of it, I like the games and stuff. But I hate some of the speeches and stuff though..... like the one about Identity etc. They were grouping me in with one of them conformists or soemthing when I don't give a dang about peer pressure etc. Grr. Anyway, they're just trying to make a point or something.

    Anyway I'll stay on for a few more hours (msn) and see if you come back. But I real sleepy so I can't make any guarantees sadly :(

    Anyway this time zone converter isn't working rightly so I'ma just go ahead and stay up the night before lol. Kidding, I'll find out somehow..... YOSH!

    Anyway I'll stop wasting precious comment space and ..... go..... away.

  • yushiro909
    3 September 2009 at 4:57 pm  

    wah! finally read this story! yay!
    though it says it has charmikitty...its more like ishiyoshi! mou! hmp!........but then! i like how u wrote this one! a fic with another fic inside the plot! am i making sense!

    hmp! i want some charmikitty though! update soon!


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