I’m One of the muses, A common wood nymph roaming around Parnassus, Happy with my little sweet pea. With her delicate, fragrant flowers Carried on long, slim stalks, She captivated me. I ran to her flaming with desire. I am flaming. Burning Blazing with desire. Too hot for my sweet pea. Because she’s so delicate, So delicate for me. As I touch her, she transformed into ashes. I burnt her. And out of a haze, you were formed. Like smoke given out by fire. A fireweed that sprang up in the burnt over area. A replacement, I thought. You quenched my thirst. Suffuse my hunger. My desire. I came to you for a crown And you gave me a kingdom. You made me eat on a golden plate And drink from your cup of diamonds. But like a common pitcher plant, Cut your base open And there you’ll find my body’s remains trapped inside. A pitfall in the middle of the forest. I will name you Venus? The goddess with a seducing brilliant red trap. Open to all beings that needs nurturing. Show your bosom and all will crave for your milk. From a butterfly, you turned me to an ant. When I brushed only slightly against your skin, You closed within an instant. Rigid spines on the margins of you blades interlock tightly. As soon as I was trapped, You digested me. Used me as a nutrient material. I know this is about to last for only a week. By the time your leaf reopens, You’ll be reedy for other sufferers. Trapped inside, I accepted my fate. Then there she came one spring day. My little delicate sweet pea. Now a spring beauty in full bloom. A low perennial herb. With narrow, succulent leaves And loose cluster of white and pink flowers. But your leaf has closed. I cannot escape.

Chapter 56  


I've finally updated the list..hehehe. Here's chap.56... The original "A Fairy Tale Play". Enjoy!

Narrator: "Once upon a time, there was a very powerful kingdom ruled by a just king and queen. Their life would be very complete if they were blessed with a child. Day and night they would pray to the heavens to send them one. It took years before their wish was granted. They held a very huge banquet to celebrate the birthday of their lovely princess. They invited all the people of their kingdom to their large palace, even the fairies and elves who lived in the forest nearby. They invited everybody except the wicked and merciless witch of the lagoon."

The curtains were lifted and the lights were opened revealing the characters on the stage. Ryuutaro was dressed like a queen, carrying a doll as their baby and Maaya looked magnificent with her crown and sword. Hitomi in her bluish-white fairy outfit came forward towards the baby that Ryuutaro was holding.

"Captain looks like a girl!" Sayumi whispered.

"What do you expect? She's really a girl in the first place." Ayumi replied.

"You have no idea how girls in this school swooned over her boyish looks and attitude." Reina answered.

"Did the two of you swoon over her?"

"NO!" Sayu and Reina answered simultaneously.

"How about Rika then?"

Reina and Sayumi looked at each other. Reina was the one who spoke. "Just ask her."

Fairy: "Such a lovely child! I’m going to give you a special gift! I give you…"

Hitomi waved her wand in the air but were stopped midway when the lights dimmed and out came Eri with a long trident in her hands.

Witch: "HAHAHAHAHA!!! What a wonderful celebration indeed. You invited everyone... everyone except me." Eri said in a high-pitched, sarcastic voice.

Queen:"Wha.. what do you want?" Ryuutaro asked in a high-pitched voice imitating a girl’s voice. The audience muffled their laughter when they heard the Math wizard in his girly voice.

King: "I ask you to leave this place! You are not invited witch!" Maaya remove her sword from its scabbard and pointed it towards Eri.

Witch: "Oh, I'm going to leave this place alright." Eri paused and gave off a mischievous smile. "But not until I give my gift to the princess." Eri widely waved her trident in the air. Koume, their classmate who was voted as the leader of the technical team, pressed a button and the lights immediately flickered, she gave a sign to her classmate who was sitting beside her. Jin, in turn, pressed the player which played the sound of a thunder.

Witch: "Princess Sapphire, I'm going to give you the gift... of Death!" Eri stopped waving her trident and pointed it towards the doll. Eri pressed a button and released a white light from the tip of her trident. "When the clock strikes midnight on your 18th birthday, you will touch a spinning wheel and get killed! AHAHAHAHA!!!"

Koume signaled another of her classmate near the stage with her pen light. Yui seeing the signal from the control room opened a machine, producing a smoke. Eri immediately ran towards the exit and Koume, seeing that Eri’s already gone, signaled Yui again to stop the smoke and then she pressed the button again to stop making the lights flicker.

"Sugoi! Your section must have worked hard for this day." Kaori commented.

"Of course! Or I will punish them if they showed a low quality play."

"Just an advice, don’t be too harsh on your students, Yuuko."

"Don't worry, I'm planning to"

"HAHAHA! Eri's kakkoi!!!" Sayu laughed out loud.

"Be quiet! We're not the only one who's watching."

"Yeah, and your voice would be heard on our record." Ayumi whispered as softly as possible.


Queen: "What should we do?! I don't want our daughter to die!" Ryuutaro kneeled and hugged the doll tightly. Maaya caressed the doll’s face put her arms around Ryuutaro.

Fairy: "Don't feel sad, your highnesses, I still haven’t given my gift yet." Hitomi waved her wand in the air and continued with her script. "By midnight of your 18th birthday, if you were struck by the spinning wheel, you will not die. Instead, you will just fall into a deep slumber and a prince will come to awake you with true love's kiss." Hitomi pressed a button and her wand emitted a yellow light. Maaya faced the audience.

King: "From this day, I decree that all spinning wheels be destroyed and burned!" Jin pressed another button and emitted a sound of a crowd saying "Hai!". Maaya then turned to Hitomi. "I know that witch will not stop and find a way to kill our daughter. It’s hard on our part but, please take good care of her. Take her to a far place, a place where Hecate will not find her, onegai!" Ryuutaro gave the doll to Hitomi.

Fairy: "You can count on me. I’ll take care of princess Sapphire like she’s my own child." Hitomi walked out of the stage and the lights were turned off.

"Now, the Cinderella scene will be starting." Ayumi whispered. She paused her video camera while the lights were turned off.

"I really want to see Miki get trashed by Aya." Reina giggled.

"But it's really nice if we were the one's trashing her right?" Sayumi blinked.

"I dare you.."

"Shhh, the lights were opening again" Ayumi pressed the record button and resumed her recording.

Narrator: "Almost 17 years had passed and Sapphire grew up kind and beautiful. The fairy disguised herself back as the beautiful merchant woman who lives in a secluded place inside the forest of the other kingdom. She migrated here many years ago. The mother of the king was her friend that's why she went back to Silverland when she heard that after many years, her friend's son would become a father. Before going back, she adopted two children; the older was an orphan that she saw on the streets while the other was a girl who was lost in the woods and doesn’t remember a single thing on her past. She treated them equally but the two doesn’t seem to treat Sapphire nicely."

Ruby:"SAPPHIRE!!!" Yuuichi screamed in a high pitched voice. The girls from their school laughed out loud. This was a rare time to see the infamous playboy of their school wearing a bright red, frilly dress and talks in a girly manner. Yuuichi’s face became red but he continued for the sake of the play. Miki entered, wearing a light blue dress.

Sapphire: "Hai! What do you want with me?" Miki asked as nicely as possible. Nakazawa nodded in agreement. It was quite a hard job to stop Miki¡¦s glare but those private trainings were not wasted.

Ruby: "How dare you wear my dress?"

Sapphire: "But you said that you don't want it. It still can be used that's why I thought that it would be such a waste to throw it away."

Ruby: "It’s my dress and I’m the one who will decide what to do with it! Now, take it off!" Miki bowed down and went to the backstage to wear her next costume.

Emerald: "What are you so angry about this early in the morning?"

Ruby: "Well, that sister of ours is wearing my dress. She really annoys me!"

Emerald: "Is that so? By the way, mother will come back tonight right? We need to get this place cleaned. SAPPHIRE!!!" Aya screamed. Miki immediately went to the stage, wearing a plain, and worn out clothing.

Sapphire: "What is it sister?"

Emerald: "I want you to clean our house, from top to bottom! And after you're done, cook a lovely dinner for us. Mother will be coming home this evening."

Sapphire: "Hontou?! Then I'll prepare a nice supper for us!" Miki exclaimed happily. She went to the right side and got her broomstick and a pail full of water.

Ruby: "We'll just go to the town to buy gifts for mother. We'll be back for our afternoon nap."

Emerald: "And when we get back, be sure you have prepared a delicious lunch for us." Aya and Yuuichi went to the backstage leaving Miki alone on the stage. Jin pressed something and a happy beat can be heard from the speaker.

"Ehh? What was that sound? We didn’t hear it on our rehearsal right?" Rika asked the similarly puzzled Eri.

"I don't have an idea. Maybe Jin accidentally pressed something. Hitomi, didn't she mention this to you?"

"She doesn't talk to me about our play when we are in our house lately"

"Maybe, this was a part of Nakazawa's plan." Aya blurted. They went near the curtain to take a peek at what was happening on the stage.


Sapphire: "I'm all alone again." Miki put up a sad face and sighed. She looked at the audience and smiled. "What am I saying? I must finish what my sisters told me to do. You'll help me right? Then sing with me the work song!" Jin turned the volume of the speaker and made the sound louder. Miki started singing and dancing while sweeping the floor.

'"Nanda kore wa?" Hitomi asked to no one in particular. Rika and Eri's mouth was left hanging due to the shock.

"I knew it! It was clearly Nakazawa's plan! And I might say, she still is a good singer."

"What was that about?" Ayumi asked to the two. She hit the pause button as soon as the lights turned off after Mik¡'s performance.

"I don't know.... Eri didn't say anything about this" Sayumi answered.

"I didn't know that Miki has a great voice. And the dance...It's like she was possessed or something."

"You need to change your views toward your sub-captain." Ayumi laughed.

"Yeah, a major change indeed." Reina answered.

Ruby: "We're back! Have you prepared our lunch?" Miki came running from the back stage, her dress was full of dirt.

Sapphire: "Yes, sister. Your lunch was on the table already."

Emerald: "Ewww!!! You’re so dirty! I lost my appetite... Just thinking of how you prepared our lunch with that dirty hand of yours makes me want to puke!"

Ruby: "Me too. I've lost my appetite. Throw that food. It will make us sick if we eat it" Yuuichi turned to walk towards the exit. Aya followed but almost falls down. Miki came immediately beside her.

Sapphire: "What happened? Are you alright?"

Emerald: "Take your dirty hands off me! I'm fine. I must be tired from all that walking in the town."

Ruby: "I'll take you to your room. Sapphire, finish cleaning the house."

Sapphire: "I already finished it."

Ruby: "Then wash our laundry. Don't waste the heat of the sun."

Sapphire: "Hai."

"Welcome back!!!" The three of them said simultaneously at Hitomi.

Fairy: "Thank you! I've really missed you all. I hope that you didn’t encounter any problems while I'm gone.

Ruby: "We didn’t encounter any. We took good care of the house while you’re gone."

Emerald: "She's right, we even cooked a lovely dinner for us."

Fairy: "How sweet of you! Then let’s have our dinner!" Hitomi went to the table but Miki walked to the opposite direction. "Sapphire? Where are you going?"

Sapphire: "I'm just going to get the laundry from the clothes line."

Fairy: "Then, we'll wait for you. Or, to make it faster, why don’t you help your sister in getting the clothes?"

Ruby: "H.. hai."

Fairy: "I've heard that there will be a ball on Silverland. It would last for three days."Hitomi looked at her daughters.

Ruby:"Oh my gosh!!! OH MY GOSH!!! If the prince will see me, he might marry me!!! Just thinking about these things makes my heart go, 'doki doki'!!!"

Emerald: "Baka, I'heard that the king and queen of Silverland were childless."

Ruby: "How awful.... The world's a cruel place. Why are there no princes? Our country has one but went missing years ago..." Yuuichi sighed.

Sapphire: "I wish I could go to the ball."

Fairy: "I'm sorry Sapphire but I’ve decided that I will take Ruby because I know that Emerald doesn't have any interests in this kind of event, and you..." Hitomi sighed. "Only one daughter could go to the ball from each family."

Sapphire: "Its ok mother, I understand."

Emerald: "Don't worry mother, we’ll take care of the house for you."

Fairy: "We’ll be going now! Don’t entertain any strangers, especially you, Sapphire."

Sapphire: "Yes mother. Have a good trip! Sister, have fun on the ball"

Ruby: "You bet I will"

Emerald: "Please bring some gifts when you get back!" Aya and Miki waved to Hitomi and Yuuichi. Aya faced Miki when the two were already out of sight. "Now, do your usual stuffs. But clean my room first."

Sapphire: "Hai." Aya went to the backstage while Miki got the broom stick, a rug and a bucket full of water. Koume pressed another button which made the background picture of a forest change into a picture of a room. Miki started sweeping the floor and humming a tune to herself. Aya went back after a while.

Emerald: "What are you doing?"

Sapphire: "I'm cleaning your room."

Emerald: "You call this cleaning?" Aya asked sarcastically. She picked up some dust from the floor and wiped it on Miki's face. "You better do more than just sweeping the floor." Aya kicked the bucket which made the water spill onto the floor. She pushed Miki's face towards it.

"Whoa!!! I like that scene!! The best scene ever!!" Reina exclaimed. Sayumi clapped her hands.

"Shhh!!! The record!"

Emerald:"I'll check it again when I come back from the town. I expect to see my room sparkling clean." Aya left the stage. Jin pressed another button and the speaker emitted a melodious, music. Miki faced the audience, her eyes full with tears. She started singing a somewhat mellow song about wanting to meet her love.

"Koi shita koto nado..........kore made nakata.... konna hageshii monotowa omoi mo shinakatta negau no wa.... negau no wa....
Anata ni aitai...Anata ni aitai..."

"I guess if this was really a contest, she would win the best actress award." Kaori commented.

"I told my class that this was a contest and I expect them to win." Nakazawa smiled evilly at her friend.

"Oh, that's why they're performing like a pro. You did a good job with Miki. I never thought that I would see her cry like this."

"That was the hard part but I did manage, didn't I?"

Narrator: "Meanwhile, on Silverland, the fairy and Ruby arrived on the palace. They were led to a huge room where they would sleep for the next three days."

Fairy: "Ruby, stay here. I'm just going to visit the queen and king. I will try to sell them my merchandise. I know the queen will not resist my jewels."

Ruby: "Yes mother, I'll just rest for a while here."

Narrator: "The fairy went to the chamber of the queen and king. She revealed her true identity."

Queen: "Was the girl that you brought here, my daughter?"

Fairy: "I'm sorry your highness, but no. That would be too risky on our side."

King: "I really miss her. Three days from now and we will celebrate her 18th birthday. I hope nothing bad will befall on her."

Fairy:"Don't worry your highness; I'm doing the best that I can. For the past 17 years, I've been going to places after places in search of the prince that went missing. I've known Hecate for a long time now and I know that she was behind this as well. I will find him and if Hecate did find Sapphire, we will be able to bring her back."

Queen: "We're very thankful to your kind help."

Fairy: "It's nothing. I'm indebted to the king's mother." Hitomi bowed low and went out of the chamber. She went to talk with Ruby.

Ruby: "Why aren't you unpacking your things mother?"

Fairy: "The queen wanted to buy all of my jewels. I will go back to get my other products. I must leave you here for a while. I’ll be back after three days. Be good and have fun!"

Ruby: "Sure mother, have a safe trip!"

Narrator: "The fairy didn’t go back to Bronzeland, she embarked on a journey to find the said prince. Meanwhile, the witch of the lagoon didn't like the fact the only three days were left and she still can’t find princess Sapphire."

Witch: “This is so frustrating!!!" Eri's shrill was followed by a loud thunder sound coming from the speakers. Eri walked back and forth on her throne. "I'm going to find you no matter what! HAHAHAHA!!!" The lights dimmed again and the next scene revealed Miki on the veranda.

Sapphire:"I wish I could go to the ball." Miki sighed and looked at the 'sky'. Miki smiled and stated singing an accapella version of a song about how wishes can come true. Miki went to the left and right side of the veranda. She was hugging herself and emoting in front of the audience.

"Why did our teacher put to much singing and dancing?" Eri asked.

"I have no idea...... That character didn' suit her......I feel I'm going to vomit."

"Why are you saying that?" Rika answered. “And look, her foot must still be hurting her but she's putting too much effort on her dancing. You should be proud because that's your sister!"

"Sheesh, you don't have to lecture me about that. Of course I'm proud of her."

"Sumimasen, it's my turn now." Rika and Eri moved out of the way as Aya prepared herself for the next scene.

Matsuura-san, change your script with Miki with this one.....


P.S: I want to see your teary face in the stage
P.P.S: I want you to prolong the last scene, ok? -Sensei

"It's hard to memorize a script 5 minutes before the actual performance and to be asked to do something like that.... that's really getting on my nerves."

Sapphire: "Why can't I? It's unfair. Mother didn't even tell me the real reason. I'm sure she's hiding something."

Emerald: "Why are you here? Have you finished doing all your chores already?"

Sapphire: "Yes sister."

Emerald: "I've heard that you really wanted to go to the ball... Do you really want to?"

Sapphire: "Oh, yes I do! That would be good... but"

Emerald: "Mother said that only one daughter per family would be allowed right?" Miki nodded in response. "Don't worry, I have an idea." Aya smiled.

Sapphire: "Hontou? Why are you helping me?"

Emerald: "It's because, we're still sisters. I've heard your song and I was moved by it. It made me guilty about all the cruel things that I've done to you" Aya thought of all the sad memories she had in the past. She tried very hard to tear up but she can't. She looked at Miki's face and remembered something which made her cry out loud. Miki was surprised when Aya hugged her tightly.

"Wait, this is not part of the script!... or is it?"

Emerald: "I'm really sorry!!!"

Sapphire: "I... It's alright. I have no hard feelings towards you."

Emerald: "Thank you Sapphire." Aya released her grip on Miki and wiped away her tears. "Now, my idea is..."

Sapphire: "What is it? I’m willing to do anything!"

Emerald: "Anything?"

Sapphire: "Yes! Anything!" Miki excitedly said.
"This will be the hard part of the play..."

Emerald: "Then, you must kiss me!¡¨
"I'll really kill Nakazawa........ I know she planned all of this from the very beginning."

Sapphire: "Nande!? Why do I have to kiss you?!"

Emerald: "I thought that you really wanted to go the ball? If you really wanted to, you must kiss me on the lips first."

"Nande? Nande? Nande?!?!? What was that? Why will she kiss Aya?!"

"Why? Are you jealous?" Yuuichi asked.

"No! Definitely no! It's just that, the script were altered somehow. In our practice, she was saying the she will let her borrow the dress. But now, there's kissing involve!"

"You're just jealous because your sister will get to kiss someone... I really wish that I was the one who picked Emerald... So I will get a kiss from your sister without her having any objections!"

"Shut up, they will really do it! Look!" Eri pointed towards the stage.

Sapphire: "If I will kiss you, I can get to the ball?"

Emerald: "Yes, I promise you." Miki walked closer to Aya. She held up Aya's chin so that their face would be leveled. Miki leaned to kiss Aya while Aya put her arms around Miki. After 5 seconds, Koume decided to turn the lights off.

"What was that? That was gross.." Sayumi said. Ayumi looked around the auditorium.

"Look, some of the girls and boys were tearing up."

"They will be fine after a few days. It's just that their dreams were shattered by that kiss." Reina explained.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Those people fancy Miki and Hitomi. You know, like fan-service. They termed them 'sisterly love'. If Hitomi was the one that Miki kissed, then this auditorium would be filled with those 'wota' squeals." Sayumi continued.

”Oh is that so? This gets really interesting, indeed.”

Narrator: "Meanwhile, the fairy traveled towards a kingdom she hasn't visited before. It was a very far place; she used her wings to fly over the oceans and mountains. At last, she reached Goldland.

Fairy: "I hope that I will see the prince now." Hitomi runs around the 'forest' when she heard a galloping horse. Rika emerged from the backstage.

Franz: "Who are you, fair lady? Are you lost in this forest?"

Fairy: "No, I'm not. I'm looking for someone." Hitomi timidly said.

Franz: "And who are looking for?"

Fairy: "A prince who can lift a fair princess; curse." Rika tried to look surprised. She smiled at Hitomi warmly.

Franz: "You're in good luck. I'm a prince. My name is Prince Franz of Goldland." Rika bowed and kissed Hitomi's hand

Fairy: "I'm the fairy of the forest of Silverland. My name’s Millicent. Mind if I take you with me to Silverland to save the princess' life? I'll explain it to you on our way."

Franz: "Mi..Millicent? I think I've heard that name before.."

Fairy: "What did you say?"

Franz: "Nothing. I'll go with you."

Narrator: "The last day of the ball arrived. As Emerald promised, Sapphire was able to go to the ball. She was careful not to let Ruby see her. She saw wonderful things inside the palace. The witch decided to disguise herself as a handsome guy. She knew that Sapphire would come to her 18th birthday. At last, she saw the long lost princess."

Hecate: "Madam, would you like to dance with me?"

Sapphire:"Uhm.....I was searching for my partner."

Hecate: "Please, even just for a short while."

Sapphire: "I'm somewhat shy to dance in the middle of many people."

Hecate: "Then let's dance in the garden. There are less people in there. And there's a beautiful wishing well in there where all your dreams can come true." Miki pretended to be hesitant at first but then, she went with Eri.

"What a drastic change from being a mean witch to a handsome guy." Ayumi whispered.

"The climax is coming?" Kaori asked.

"Yeah, watch my greatness in writing a script."

Sapphire: "Where are we? Why is there a spinning wheel?"

Hecate:"Touch it and all your dreams will come true." Eri glared at Miki. Miki pretended to be hypnotized and touched the needle. Miki falls on the ground and Eri laughed out loud. The clock strikes midnight and the queen and king runs toward the stage.

King: "Hecate! Guards, seize her!" Maaya pointed her sword on Hecate. Ryuutaro runs towards Miki and hugged her.

Hecate: "Now that my work's done, I'm going now! AHAHAHAHA!" Eri vanishes inside the smoke that filled her place.

Queen: "What should we do now?"

King: " I hope Millicent did find that missing prince."

Narrator: "Meanwhile, Millicent and Prince Franz reached the shore of Silverland where Millicent was waiting for them."

Hecate: "Hello! It's been a long time now, Millicent."

Millicent: "Why are you here?"

Hecate: "I know what you’re going to do, so I'm going to stop you here."

Franz: "Is this the witch you’re talking about?" Rika removed his sword from its scabbard and positioned herself in a fencing stance.

Hecate: "My, my... What a brave little prince we have here. Do you want to get killed... again?" Eri raised her trident in the air. Koume pressed a button and lightning came down from the top of the stage.

Millicent: "What do you mean by 'again'?" Hitomi emphasized the word again.

Franz: "I won't get killed again, you devil!" Rika attacked Eri. Hitomi just watched the two from behind.

Hecate: "Still angry with me? Your death was your own fault. If you chose me instead of her, then I wouldn't be forced to kill you."

Millicent: "What do you mean by that? I don't understand you both." Eri wounded Rika on the arms. Rika moved back and kneeled beside Hitomi.

Hecate: "Do you remember your beloved prince Francis 1000 years ago?¡"

Millicent:"Yes, why?"

Hecate: "This prince Franz of yours was a reincarnation of Francis." Eri looked at the two of them and raised her trident. "And I will kill the two of you here!"

Franz: "I will not lose this time around. I will protect you with my life."

Millicent: "Don't worry, I'm here now, and together we will defeat her." Hitomi raised her wand whereas Rika raised her sword. They pressed a button from their 'weapon' and it began to glow. Eri looked scared. Rika and Hitomi pointed the tips of their weapon towards Eri.

Hecate: "NOOOOOOOO!!!"

Millicent: "What happened here?"

Queen: "Hecate found our daughter. She's in a deep slumber right now."

King: "Is this the prince you were looking for? Will she be able to wake up our daughter? If you wake her up, you will become her husband and be the new king of this kingdom."

Franz:"I'm sorry your highness. I can't accept such act of kindness. I will try to wake her up but I will not marry her. My heart belongs to only one." Rika looked at Hitomi and smiled. She leaned forward on the sleeping Miki and kissed her swiftly. Miki didn't wake up.

Millicent: "It's no use. The pact said that she will be awakened by true love's kiss. Since Franz loves another person, he will not be able to wake her up no matter how many times he tried kissing her."

Narrator: "Suddenly, there was a handsome prince standing on the door. Franz took out his sword to protect them if this prince was Hecate's ally."

Franz: "Who are you?"

Erik: "My name's prince Erik. I'm the missing prince of Bronzeland."

Millicent: "Are you sure? I’ve searched for you for the last 17 years and I haven't heard any news about you. Why now? Are you Hecate's ally?"

Erik: "I'm staying with you for the last 17 years."

Millicent: "What are you talking about?"

Erik: "Hecate fell in love with me but I rejected her. She erased my memory and changed me into a little girl and left me alone in the forest."

Millicent: "Then... you... are...."

Erik: "Yes, mother... I'm the one you called Emerald. I was thankful to Sapphire. Her song has brought my memory back. I will return the favor and kiss her."Aya walked towards the bed where Miki was lying down.
"Why do I have to kiss her two times this day?"

Narrator: "Princess Sapphire’s color came back. She coughed a bit and opened her eyes and saw for the first time Prince Erik’s smiling face."

Sapphire: "I think I've seen you before. You look familiar."

Erik: "It doesn't matter now, my love. We're just happy that you came back."

Narrator: "And so, the marriage of Prince Erik and Princess Sapphire brought together Bronzeland and Silverland. The fairy Millicent went to live with her love, Prince Franz. They took Ruby with them on Goldland where she married the handsome count. The three kingdoms lived in prosperity and they lived happily ever after."

"That was pretty long right? But it's worth it" Reina stretched her arms in the air.

"I'll have this tape copied and give one to Rika's parents." Ayumi grinned.

"Hey, make a copy for me too!"

"Of course! We will blackmail Rika and Eri!¡"

"Yosh!!" The two replied simultaneously.

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