I’m One of the muses, A common wood nymph roaming around Parnassus, Happy with my little sweet pea. With her delicate, fragrant flowers Carried on long, slim stalks, She captivated me. I ran to her flaming with desire. I am flaming. Burning Blazing with desire. Too hot for my sweet pea. Because she’s so delicate, So delicate for me. As I touch her, she transformed into ashes. I burnt her. And out of a haze, you were formed. Like smoke given out by fire. A fireweed that sprang up in the burnt over area. A replacement, I thought. You quenched my thirst. Suffuse my hunger. My desire. I came to you for a crown And you gave me a kingdom. You made me eat on a golden plate And drink from your cup of diamonds. But like a common pitcher plant, Cut your base open And there you’ll find my body’s remains trapped inside. A pitfall in the middle of the forest. I will name you Venus? The goddess with a seducing brilliant red trap. Open to all beings that needs nurturing. Show your bosom and all will crave for your milk. From a butterfly, you turned me to an ant. When I brushed only slightly against your skin, You closed within an instant. Rigid spines on the margins of you blades interlock tightly. As soon as I was trapped, You digested me. Used me as a nutrient material. I know this is about to last for only a week. By the time your leaf reopens, You’ll be reedy for other sufferers. Trapped inside, I accepted my fate. Then there she came one spring day. My little delicate sweet pea. Now a spring beauty in full bloom. A low perennial herb. With narrow, succulent leaves And loose cluster of white and pink flowers. But your leaf has closed. I cannot escape.

Fangirl:Part 4  


Here it is!!! The continuation of Rika's fangirling life...LOL

Chapter 4
Eri looked up at the face of the person next to her. She didn’t expect her to be there. It was 30 minutes too early for her. She bolted up from the floor and sat straight.

“Hai, daijobu.” Eri looked away. She can’t help but to remember the ‘crazy’ thing she did two nights ago. As she felt the other person sat beside her, she felt like her energy has been sucked away from her.

“Are you really feeling alright? You’re all sweaty and I remember that you were so energetic before.” Reina commented and thus, making Eri’s face blushed once more. “You play here often?” Reina decided to change the topic after seeing that she’s making the other girl embarrassed. Who knew that they will meet again after that night? When she came home her memories about her lessons in school and the practice in basketball have been replaced by that weird girl who bumped into her. It felt so odd to be attacked by a person who you just met for the first time and saying that she wanted to be friends with you yet, it felt so soothing, so warm to be desired by someone.

“Hai.” Eri replied shortly. Her mind went blank. She wanted her to be her friend but now that the opportunity’s right in front of her, she can’t even express herself. She was asking herself where the confident Eri disappeared to. Eri glanced at the girl beside her. She was wearing a dark blue jogging pants and a white shirt, a towel was placed over her shoulders and her wavy hair was carefully put up into a pony tail. “You play here too?” Eri bit her lower lip. It is such a stupid question to ask because she already knew the answer.

“Hai, I’m always practicing here.”

“Yeah, I know.” Eri whispered.

“What? Did you say anything?” Eri bit her lip. She didn’t want the other person to think that she was a stalker (although she acts like one). She shook her head vigorously. Reina looked at her, puzzled but decided to let it off. “Well, anyways I think we’re not properly introduced. My name’s Reina Tanaka.” Reina extended her right hand to Eri for a handshake.

“I bet you know that my name’s Eri Kamei.” Eri shyly took Reina’s hand and squeezed it. She immediately retrieved her hand and put it on top of her lap. She was shy originally but that particular night, her shyness disappeared and was able to present herself towards Reina. She needed that confidence back right now but it seems that it’s not yet going to happen.

“Yes, I remembered that. By the way, why are you laying on the floor? It’s rather dirty.”

“I was tired. I just finished playing.” Eri replied. She looked at her watch and saw that her time’s nearly up.

“Woah, you’re early… And I thought that I’m early today. What time did…” Reina stopped talking when she saw the other stood up. Eri bowed her head to Reina.

“I’m sorry, I should head home now before my aunt wakes up. Thank you for your time.”

“Hai, it’s nothing really… Uhmm, where’s your house?” Eri looked up. She wasn’t expecting her to ask that.


“Well, uhhm, you see…” Reina couldn’t look in Eri’s eyes. Deep inside she wanted to see her again so knowing her house would be a good idea. She thought hard for a plausible excuse. “You didn’t say that last time. You were all talking about your favorite stuffs and food.” Reina saw Eri’s uneasiness vanished and was replaced by a smile.

“It’s that two-storey house near the hill.” Eri pointed. “I’ll be here again tomorrow.”

“Hai, I’ll try to be here as early as possible. I want to play with you.”

“Sure. Bye!”
“SAYUUUUUUU!!!!” Eri screamed as she saw her friend enter her room. She ran towards her and hugged her tightly. “Guess what happened this morning!”

“Uhhh, you went out in your ‘space suit’?” Sayumi joked. It was far from a space suit. It looks a lot like those worn by geologists who were studying an active volcano. It was made by aunt Kaori for Eri wanted to go out in the morning too when she was little. It’s her protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun which can become a source of death to a person born with XP.

“Baka… It’s not that. Do you think I’ll be this happy if I went out with that?!”

“Ok, I give up. What happened?”

“I talked with her!!!!” Eri replied and squeezed her friend tighter.

“Itai~ Give me a break will you.” Eri loosened her grip on her friend. “Who’s her… HER?” Sayu eyed her friend. Eri was grinning like a mad person and nodding her head vigorously at the same time.

“She was early this morning that we met before I went home…. She’s so cool!!! She said she wanted to see me again and play with her. She even asked where I lived…. Ahhh, I can’t believe that this day will come!” Sayumi stood still. She didn’t know how to react. She’s happy for her friend and at the same time, she felt jealous that someone will take Eri’s precious time away from her.
“Ahh… Is that so? I’m happy for you.” Eri looked up at her friend without even releasing her.

“Your face says otherwise…. You’re jealous right?!” Eri chided.

“What if I am? You have any objections?” At this point Eri realized that they were in an awkward position. Her face was really close to Sayu; so close that she can feel the other person’s breathe on her face. “I already told you that you’re making me jealous.” Eri can feel her cheeks flushed from embarrassment. She remembered the day they accidentally kissed and her heart started beating fast. Is she feeling something for her friend? She asked herself but she’s still confused to answer.


“Ahahaha… Deshou? Yeah, like her I don’t know what I’m doing when I get excited over something. I kinda become impulsive especially when it comes to…… So, uhh can I meet her?” Hitomi bit her lower lip. She wanted to laugh but she tried her best to remain composed. Her ‘cool’ boss becomes totally disoriented when it comes to her ‘addiction’.

“I don’t know. We haven’t seen each other for a while.”

“Ehh? Then why did you have her draft?” Rika inquired. Hitomi looked at the paper on top of Rika’s table.

“My PC broke, I can’t proof-read her fic so yeah, she sent it to me via mail instead. Kinda low-tech right?”

“Sugoi! So you’re her official proof-reader… nice….” Rika walked right back to her chair and sat. She placed her hands on her chin, as if she was thinking deeply. She suddenly gazed back at Hitomi. “So, where’s your real business report?”

“Really? Why didn’t you make a blog account too? You see, my best friend Ayumi was the one who introduced to this blogging stuff and she’s making fanfics too. Mostly TakaGaki of ‘Futari’ and Ohyass of Kanjani 8 and I might say that she’s really good. Well, she told me to try writing and I did. It’s fun to write; mine mostly based from experience or from something that I’ve read or watched. It’s also fun meeting other fangirls or fanboys, sharing ideas and news about our favorite group. I already met some of them in real life during anime or toy conventions. Ayumi’s the one posting for a meet-up at least once a year. Did you know, the first time that I commented outside my blog and my friend’s blog is on the fic blog of your friend?” Rika raised her eyebrow towards her companion. She then sipped a little from her red wine before cutting the steak that she was eating. Her companion took a while before answering her, seemingly enjoying every move that Rika made from her graceful cutting of the meat to refined way of chewing it.

“Well, now I know. You sure do talk a lot when it comes to these stuffs nee?” Rika wiped her lips and smiled. Hitomi quickly looked towards the steamed salmon that she’s eating. Rika’s smile was something, its warmth seeped into her skin.

“I guess you can compare me to a spring of water hidden inside a wooden box. It looks tranquil on the outside but there’s a lot of force inside pushing on its walls. Once it finds an opening, even a little one, it will only take a small time before that box will burst and all its water will come out. You’re the small hole, my addiction is the water, and my front is the box, so yeah. You triggered my fangirling side, that’s why the water came out, my addiction came out.” Rika added some hand gestures when she explained it to help the other visualize what she’s trying to explain.

“Nice analogy there. Me? I’m the trigger? If I’m the trigger when I’m just her friend, how much more when you meet her?” Hitomi commented. Once again, she caught a glimpse of Rika’s sweet smile.

“Exactly, I need to have some valium to calm me up.” Rika laughed at her own joke but was suddenly stopped when her phone rang.

“Excuse me for a while.” Rika said to Hitomi before placing the phone on her ears. Hitomi continued eating her dinner. “Hello? Yes, may I know who’s speaking?.... Miki? Who’s Miki? AHHHH!!! Fujimoto-san! How are you? How did find my number? Yes… it’s working well? I’m glad about that. I miss you guys… Ok, take care. Keep in touch always… Ja!” Rika clicked the end button.

“Friend of yours?” Hitomi asked. Rika put her phone back into her purse and looked at the ceiling.

“Ehh? Are we friends?” Rika asked herself. She wanted to say that their kind of relationship is higher than being an acquaintance but lower than being friends. She decided not to tell it because she, herself, is not sure.

“Kinda… I met her when I was assigned in the Hokkaido branch. She’s just saying that the plan that we made before is working really well and is meeting up the established goals for the year. I might say that she’s a good marketing manager, just like you. She can predict what will happen in the future if we do this certain idea and so on and so forth. We were a duo back there but sadly, after 3 months I had to go back to the main branch. The people there are accommodating and friendly. I really miss them.”

“Well, there’s the phone and the e-mail. There are many ways for communication if you’re missing someone.” Rika stared at the person in front of her because she noticed that there’s a hint of sadness in Hitomi’s voice. She was about to ask something related to that but decided not to pry into her co-worker’s life for now. After finishing a scrumptious meal at the restaurant, the two walked together towards the bus stop. HItomi wanted to take her home using her black Toyota Vios but Rika really wanted to use the public bus so she decided to walk her ‘boss’ to the bus stop while leaving her car in the car park of the restaurant.

“Don’t you have any cars? You’re still the CEO’s daughter.” Hitomi asked after arriving at the bus stop after almost 5 minutes of walking from the restaurant.

“I have back in our town. I want to experience new things while I’m staying in a different place that’s why even though I can have one here, I didn’t do it. In a bus, you can see different types of people. Experience determines knowledge, so if that’s the case then what can I learn if I’m always alone, inside my car right?” Rika explained.

“I’m guessing that you have attended a pragmatist school?” Hitomi asked. “The way you think and act… is not more about practical things and not the traditional type. You must be a liberal student right?”

“Hmmm, I guess you could say that. I’m just following my dad, he’s the liberal one so technically, I became liberal too.” Rika breathe in the cold night air and suddenly coughed out loud. Hitomi rushed to her side and checked up on her.

“Are you alright?”

“Hai, I’m fine. I just remembered something. I used to I like the scent of the night air but Miki told not to do it often.” Hitomi raised her brows.

“Ehh? Why would she tell you that?”

“It’s because, we’re not the only ones who’s using oxygen; the plants breathe in oxygen at night. I laughed at it at first but now, it all makes sense. We are not living alone, there are other living things like the plants and we need to share the things that they also need. In return, when the morning comes, they will return something good to us like releasing oxygen that we breathe. They may look like they’re doing nothing on the outside but if it weren’t for them, we can’t live on this earth because we can’t produce the needed oxygen by ourselves. It’s just a matter of give and take relationship.”

“That’s so her…”

“Ehh? What did you say?”

“ I said, you really have a way with analogies.” Hitomi replied. Rika faced her and grinned.

“I’m not the one who thought about that. She just mentioned it to me, and now I’m saying it to you.” Rika looked up at the starry sky as if she was trying to express what she wanted to say ever since they were eating inside the restaurant. After a momentary pause, she looked back again at the person beside her. “And besides, I feel like I can compare you to the plants that are doing things that people don’t usually see with their naked eyes.”

“Ehh?! Me? Why?” Hitomi pointed her finger towards herself. Even though her voice sounded like she was surprised, her face still has no emotions.

“Hmmm, how will I start it?” Rika trailed off, “well, at first, I thought that you are a stoic person. You barely get out of your office, I hardly see you hanging out with other people… But after talking with you right now, I realized that you’re different from what I perceive you to be. I feel like you’re just trying to suppress something, just like me.”

Hitomi looked at Rika as she said the last part. She was right; she was trying to suppress something that she showed before. The thing that made her who she is now. Rika noticed the change in Hitomi’s behavior. She might be right with her theory. She decided to continue even though the bus was approaching them.

“Most people are close minded and they usually misjudge us so in order not to get hurt by their criticisms we tend to put on a façade that will agree to their beliefs. But for us, it’s hard to hide who you really are, right?”

“I guess so.”

“What I’m trying to say is, feel free talk with me in my office about your fangirling stuffs . So even if it’s just an hour of lunch break or overtime with dinner like this one, you can at least show your other side.” Rika extended her hand and offered a hand shake. “Well, have a nice evening and take care!” Hitomi took her hand and smiled.

“Sure, you too. I hope you will have lots of experience in the bus.”

“Of course! But next time, you have to drive me in your car. And by the way, you look better when you smile.” Rika said before going into the bus and sitting near the window. As the bus moved on, Rika waved goodbye to her co-worker. Hitomi waved back. When the bus disappeared into her vision, she walked back in the direction of the restaurant to get her car.

“You have no idea what I’m trying to conceal.”


Rika immediately opened her laptop as soon as she came back into her apartment. She checked whether ‘Kuwagata’ had already posted a new chapter; the chapter that Hitomi proof-read. Hitomi even asked her earlier if she can use the company’s computer to send the finished draft to her friend’s email so that she can post it within this day. Rika gladly let her use it for ‘personal’ purpose even though it’s contradicting the company’s rule. She can’t believe she did it just to satisfy her fangirling side. She saw that there’s a comment already. She started reading it again even though she just read the draft earlier. And she was glad she did because she learned that it’s different from the draft. After finishing it, she typed a comment and browsed the net for about an hour to read about the latest news and gossips in the music world. She returned to ‘Kuwagata’s’ site after it and read the other comment s that have been posted in there.

NiNi said:
Cool chapter!!! Space suit? That confirms it… Eri’s really an ALIEN!!!XD

Charmy said:

EHHH?!?! What did you do? You revised it? I met your friend and accidentally read your draft. … But, I might say it’s waaaaay better than the first one. LOL…. Reina taking the initiative to talk with her is really like her in real life. I remember the first time they were interviewed. When asked about Reina’s special ability, she said she can easily make friends easily with someone…It’s TanaKamei at its best! XD

Eri_ S.L.A.V.E said:
A new chapter and it’s starting to be interesting. It’s really a different story from the movie. KYAAAAHHH!!!! Forget Reina and make it KameShige instead! HARHARHAR!!! :D

Kuwagata said:

@NiNi- Hehehe, she landed here on earth with her aunt Iida. :D

@Charmy- Yes, she mentioned you to me earlier… She said that you’re really hyper that time..Well, I just wanted to revise it… After all, the one that you read was a draft. ^_^

@Eri_S.L.A.V.E- hmmm, it’s based on my mood… Up until now, I still don’t know whether it will end as TanaKamei or KameShige… Or maybe TanaShige…. We’ll see… :)

Murasaki_Aoi said:
It’s a love triangle!!!! Reina can’t forget Eri… Sayumi’s making her move on Eri… This is fun! Maybe Sayumi will always guard Eri to make sure that Reina will not make a move on her… Hahahaha.. just thinking out loud. LOL..XD

@Charmy- Kuwagata revised it? What’s the original one looked like? XD

Elevator_Party said:
I agree with Eri_S.L.A.V.E. It’s a totally different story. So she did talk with her… and then ran away… *damn sun*… If Reina was only a little bit earlier, then they may have talked about a lot of things.

@ Kuwagata- Ehhh??? Can we please take a look at your draft too? I’m curious. XD

Eri noticed that Reina was coming and she hides behind the bench. Reina started playing basketball but didn’t notice her until Eri started running away because the sun is almost up.

“Ehh… Should I answer it? Kuwagata did revise it. Maybe she has some other plans.” Rika deleted what she had typed just now and replaced it with something else.

@ Murasaki_Aoi-Hmmm, it’s really different… Just ask the author about it… HARHARHAR… XD

Rika pressed the post button and after a while turned off her laptop. A lot of things happened in that day and she felt so exhausted. She literally crept into her bed to sleep. Tomorrow, she will call her best friend and tell her about her officemate who’s also a fangirl like her.

Hitomi threw her keys on her table and quickly went inside the bathroom to relax a little bit before going to sleep. She put a milk bath on her bathtub and added some warm water; checked the temperature first before completely dipping into the tub. She closed her eyes and tried to relax. It has been ‘a weird’ day. Her boss is somewhat a weirdo… a weirdo like her. She can’t help but smile at the funny antics that her boss can do... for the sake of fangirling. Her smile vanished when her reminiscing of the day’s happenings brought her to the restaurant part.


Hitomi rose up from her resting position on the tub. She looked at the small wall clock near the door. She noticed that half an hour had passed since she first entered the tub. She didn’t know whether she was just thinking so hard or she fall asleep right there. She simply shrugged off the thought and proceeded to rinse herself. Hitomi slid on her ‘cute’ orange pajama with tiger prints after drying herself and lay on her bed. She’s really tired; physically and mentally and she need to have enough strength for she will go to Tokyo to check some supplies needed by their company. She will go first to their company for the list of products before proceeding to Tokyo. It will be a long and bumpy ride so she really NEED to sleep right now; even though her memories were preventing her from doing so.

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4 comments: to “ Fangirl:Part 4

  • Anonymous
    13 December 2008 at 9:20 AM  


    YOSHI IS THE WRITER! MIKI IS THE PROOFREADER! And she gets Miki to post them cause she's embarassed! SO cute! And now she likes Rika! DAMMIT! CAN'T THERE EVER BE A CHARMIKITY? lol. sorry for the spontaneity there.

    So Yoshi writes the first draft then they talk about it, Miki makes the mucho needed changes and then she posts the chapters as her or something. I'm guessing this on the count of
    A) A writer knows better than to give someone their first draft of a story, esp if they have to send it across the continent
    B) Yoshi said she had a big secret
    C) How else can you explain Yoshi knowing all this stuff if she hadn't been in on it? I mean friend or not you have to be into it to do it. I wouldn't make my sister proofread my stuff! So that means she's also a fangirl and probably a writer as well.
    D) No matter how devoted, you don't trust a fangirl with proofreading -period-. She may be sweet, she may be stalking you but unless she is a fellow writer she has to wait like the rest of them. It's like one of the unknown rules of Fanfiction writing. I think it's a pretty universal one!

    I mean think about it! If Miki had known Rika was in on it which she probably did then wouldn't she have let her in on it? I think Yoshi should give Miki a little call and tell her about what's going on. If she doesn't it proves my 'she likes Rika' theory right. Cause if she doesn't tell Miki that her dear friend (and boss) Rika is Charmy then she's probably trying to keep it to herself and hide the fact that they know eachother because either she thinks Miki and Rika will get together OR (which brings us to my oter theory) Miki and Rika used to go out or are still going out or something. Sorry, I can't help but push Charmikity or YoMiki.

    @ the Eri/Reina/Sayu bit= SOo CUTE! Ok so Reina likes Eri back. Eri's switched back into turtle mode. Sayu's feelings are coming out but from her I'd chalk it up to jealousy at not being the only one in Eri's life instead of actual love. Sure they may love eachother in a way a friend loves another friend or a mother and a child or a different beloved family member but I sense that Sayu's actions are spurred more by jealousy than that love. Sure she doesn't want to lose Eri but it seems that she only wants to keep Eri this way because untill now she had her undivided attention. So in order to retain that she's making up these feelings or pretending to feel this way. I dunno though. It might turn out to be that Eri liking someone else has triggered her wanting to be with her as a girlfriend, a thing she never realised as she had taken for granted their previous relationship or maybe she knew all along but now realised it was this all or nothing moment where she was going to lose her regardless so she poured her heart out.

    Both confusing. One thing for sure. LOADS OF LOVE in this fic. I personally hope it turns out Charmikity. But it seems to be leaning more towards IshiYoshi so I'm a bit scared. For a while though when reading this chapter I considered the prospect of it turning out to be Rika/Maki somehow and perhaps Yoshi being Maki secretly but then I figured you wouldn't do the same thing twice XD and that no amount of surgery could make Maki into Yoshi or Miki into Yoshi.

    GAH SOO MANY THEORIES! MUST RESTRAIN SELF! CAN'T STOP WRITING! GREAT CHAPTER I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE! *considers selling soul for next chapter. Remembers she already has*

  • cogi_yoshi
    19 December 2008 at 10:50 PM  

    Hmmm... My lips are tightly sealed about that part... yes, this is a very, VERY confusing 'dream' fic... ( I got confused too in the first place..^_^) Hahaha, It's really hard to imitate your comment... I just finished chapter 7 and I should say... Rika's comments are NOT way too close to your kind of commenting.... (It's hard to comment on your own fic without giving much spoilers)

    So yeah... I haven't thought about that!!!! (pertaining to your A,C and D theories...AHAHAHAH)Sugoi... Your deducting skills are really great..LOL

    About the three-tums...I mean...threesome..... ahhhmm...Reina/Eri/Sayu... It's confusing because the author's confused too...LOL. What I mean is that I haven't decided yet on the outcome of the story... Their story is supposed to be a chaptered fic... Not included inside another fic but when I dreamt about Rika-as-a-fangirl... A fangirl's image is not complete without reading some fanfics about her favorite group right? So yeah... I decided to included it in this fic... (and just to take a break from my-ripping-off-some-ideas-from movies...Maiden's Curse ^_^')

    So you've read my Broken Destiny fic...You finished it in a short while? Ahahaha... Thanks... It's really impossible to happen in real life. There are many loop holes in that fic that I don't think I can repair... (because I dreamt about that and impossible things happen in dreams..LOL)
    So yeah.. I wouldn't repeat that... Just wait what happens...HARHARHAR

  • Anonymous
    20 December 2008 at 4:58 PM  

    Lol, great attempt at surpassing my comments mwahahahahahahahahaha.

    Short one=
    To get to the other side
    1.-err, you don't really wanna know the square root of pie do you?

    Anyway the point is, been reeal busy lately since it's the hollidays and I kinda got distracted heaps by other stuff.

    Anyway, can't wait for the next chapter, thank you for all your complements, I only took a week to finish that story XD lol, jks, I did it in two ish days if you don't count the 10ish minutes I spent the third day trying to find more chapters of it XD.

    Umm, abotu this fic, can't wait for more, really pining for Charmikity here, but wouldn't mind some YoMiki but there can absolutely not ever be any IshiYoshi m'k? lol, I can't stand how self righteous IshiYoshi fans are and how they tend to try and justify the pairing claiming 'it's real!' and they have proof in all the stuff they've seen them do in front of a camera and stuff. I'm not saying it's not real or it is but if you want to have a three page nag about how IshiYoshi is ten times more real than YoMiki or Charmikity then I'm gonna have to leave. It really gets on my nerves when thickheaded people try to convince you of something when either you don't care or you are really opposed to it.

    ANYWAY, that was my comment for today, I hope you are not dissapointed and oh right, about the three whatever you called them (which sounded kinky XD) I hope that one's TanaKamei or that Nakazawa pops in out of the blue and steals Eri away, leaving Sayu to Reina.

    Also, if it turns out Eri's a vampire I'll sue you for idea stealing! XD (cause you never mentioned what she had). But I have a feeling that Maki will drop in this fic any time now. or be mentioned as a relo of Eri's or something as she has a prob with sunlight too and it would be easy to incorporate that (real-life Maki has this thing that I dunno much about but long story short, she wears sunglasses all the time and I don't think she can stay out in the sun long for some reason.)

    Anyway that's my two cents. I kinda figured maybe Maki was her mother. It could go something like she gave birth ill, was young, died giving birth at a young age, baby had to suffer as well, born prematurely and ill or something and it's a wonder she's still alive. Her father left or raped Maki or something and the only living relo was Kaori sama.

    ANyway, that' just an idea, you can use it or some of it if you want but if you do I suggest deleting this message so as not to give spoilers *looks around shiftily*. Wow, this is pretty long for a short comment. I do it without realising! Dangit!

    Anyway have fun, Merry Christmass and a Happy New Year, have fun watching Twilight even though it sucks and stay safe kiddo, also don't DO DRUGS AND don't DRINK! (mwahahahahahahahahaha, smooches and bye-o)

  • cogi_yoshi
    30 December 2008 at 1:22 PM  

    Merry Xmas and An Happy NEw YEar Too!!!!

    Well, How should I say this... I'm an Ishiyoshi fan... but I think that it's just a point higher than my being a Yomiki fan... Really... I always support any pairings with Yossie in it... Be it a Yomako, Yomaki, YoEri, YoShige, etc. I'm a pretty open minded person so yeah... I love peace, not war...LOL. I can support any pairings, even weird pairings if you ask me. Okay, in this technoworld(internet) I guess, people don't usually mind whether they are hurting other people because of their comments or endless flaming or ranting because first; they won't even know who they were in the first place. THey were only virtual persons hiding in the name of 'Cogi_Yoshi' or 'Charmy' or anyone else. Second; this virtual persons might not exist in the real world. If you can see this online-person as a great person because he/she done a lot for a forum or something, or is leading a thread... Are you really sure that he/she is that kind of person in real life? What I'm trying to say is... Well, Be it YoMiki or IshiYoshi... Let us just support them for.... THEY WERE PAIRED WITH YOSSIE!!!! NYAHAHAHA.... *returns to reality*

    Aherm... What am I saying? My otherside usually comes out when I'm sick... Because I lack the energy to lock it inside...Hehehe... Just don't mind it...LOL

    AHAHAHA...I'm not stealing ideas (I guess) I wrote that particular chapter, last February 2007. And yeah, as a Xmas gift. I'm going to tell you, Eri's not a vampire...really. (You will know it on the next chapter anyways)

    So yeah.. I need to hurry up because I will be late. I and don't want to run because my body's still weak from that flu. So yeah... I hope I can post it tomorrow... XD



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