I’m One of the muses, A common wood nymph roaming around Parnassus, Happy with my little sweet pea. With her delicate, fragrant flowers Carried on long, slim stalks, She captivated me. I ran to her flaming with desire. I am flaming. Burning Blazing with desire. Too hot for my sweet pea. Because she’s so delicate, So delicate for me. As I touch her, she transformed into ashes. I burnt her. And out of a haze, you were formed. Like smoke given out by fire. A fireweed that sprang up in the burnt over area. A replacement, I thought. You quenched my thirst. Suffuse my hunger. My desire. I came to you for a crown And you gave me a kingdom. You made me eat on a golden plate And drink from your cup of diamonds. But like a common pitcher plant, Cut your base open And there you’ll find my body’s remains trapped inside. A pitfall in the middle of the forest. I will name you Venus? The goddess with a seducing brilliant red trap. Open to all beings that needs nurturing. Show your bosom and all will crave for your milk. From a butterfly, you turned me to an ant. When I brushed only slightly against your skin, You closed within an instant. Rigid spines on the margins of you blades interlock tightly. As soon as I was trapped, You digested me. Used me as a nutrient material. I know this is about to last for only a week. By the time your leaf reopens, You’ll be reedy for other sufferers. Trapped inside, I accepted my fate. Then there she came one spring day. My little delicate sweet pea. Now a spring beauty in full bloom. A low perennial herb. With narrow, succulent leaves And loose cluster of white and pink flowers. But your leaf has closed. I cannot escape.

Chapter 41  


Chapter 41

“What’s that? Did the door give you problems?”

“Yeah, damn right..” Miki sat in her desk. “Why are you smiling like that?”

“Me? I was just imagining what you did to that poor door. Don’t do that again… If it bears a grudge, you won’t be able go to that CR again. Oh, and don’t forget what happened before… The door bounced back on you and hit your forehead!”

Rika tried to restrain her laugh. She can clearly remember the first time she saw those two sisters fight. She looked at Hitomi’s eyes and smiled. Hitomi smiled back.

“IS there something that I need to know?” Miki didn’t like the way they were looking at each other. She raised her eyebrow and glared back at them.

“Ohayou!” The three of them look at the door and saw the incoming classmate.

“Ohayou Aya-chan!!!” Rika and Hitomi both said at once. Aya smiled at them, but her smile vanished when she saw Miki. She immediately sat in her desk and pretended to look for something in her bag.

“Now, back to our topic. Is there something that I must know? Why are you smiling at each other like that?”

“Eh? Of course, we’ll be smiling… We’re having fun. The thought of you being hit by that door…” Hitomi dreamily said .Rika couldn’t stand the funny expression on Hitomi’s face that she giggled softly

“Is this payback for laughing at you earlier?”

Rika sensed that the atmosphere’s somewhat getting tensed. She decided to speak before her morning will be ruined again by the sister’s bickering.

“It’s nothing really, I just told her my thoughts when you went to the CR … That maybe when the two of you were in your house, your mother’s always having a headache.”

“Oh, is that so? Well, the two of us were like angels when we are on our home. And if you can’t or don’t believe it, you might as well come along with us one time.” Aya looked back on the three after Miki said those to Rika. She just shrugged and opened her book to read.

“Eh? Ano sa… Ohayou Eri!!! Matte, I’m going to say something important to Eri. I forgot to tell it yesterday… Ja!” Rika immediately went out of their room and pulled Eri along. She went immediately to the next room where Sayumi and Reina were just putting down their bags.

“Miki’s inviting me to their house!”

“NANI?!?” The three best friends said simultaneously and looked at each other.

“Ok, that was fast....” Eri managed to say.

“Her behavior changed so fast too… Wow, just like what you’ve done to Maki”. Sayu commented which resulted a smack on her head courtesy of Reina.

“Don’t compare her to Maki, alright? She didn’t have that bad-ass attitude. Maki’s just a loner at first.”

“Gomen… you don’t have to hit me hard like that.” Sayu then turned to Rika “So, what now? Obviously, she will invite you again and again and again till you concede to her request.”

“Yah, that’s why I’m here. I want your opinions about that matter.” Rika sat beside Eri.

“Hmmm, if you’re going to ask me, I guess it’s ok to go but always make sure that Hitomi’s with you. Hitomi’s the tame one.”

“Yah, don’t forget what Aya said, though I personally don’t understand it… Always put your guard up when you’re with Miki. You can’t tell what she can do.” Rika remembered what happened yesterday on the gym when Reina said those. Ever since they talked years ago in that restaurant, she always respected Reina’s matured thinking.

“Well, I guess Miki’s not talking about today right? So just say that you’ll be busy, with basketball and stuffs that’s why you can’t go for now. Remember that Eri, Reina and I will always be there for you.”

“Hai, I appreciate that. Arigatou! Eri and I will go back to our room now. Thanks again.” Rika said before pushing Eri out of the room. When they went back, many of their classmates were already in there. Miki didn’t push the topic when Rika came back and just told her some funny stories.
“Class, next month will be our annual Intramurals. Each person must participate in at least one game. I have the list here. Since we have 4 varsity players in futsal, not mentioning that we had the captain and sub-captain, I don’t think that we’ll have any problem with that. In basketball, Ishikawa will be automatically the captain. There are also volleyball, table tennis, badminton, track and field and chess to choose from.”
Nakazawa wanted to win all events that’s why she gave her time to discuss the incoming Intramurals.

“I can’t believe she immediately chose me as the captain just because I’m with the varsity team!” It’s lunch time but Rika stayed in the room alone. When the bell rang her phone vibrated, showing Ayumi’s name on her monitor. Talk about timing.

“Aren’t you glad? You get to lead other people… again.” Ayumi said on the other line.

“But… I don’t know… I just… well… I can’t explain it…I’m not who I used to be.”

“If its about your asthma… It will eventually disappear as you get stronger again with training… Think about it… It’s basketball and not futsal… and I thought that you’re moving on? This will be a good start… And then eventually, you’ll go back to futsal and…I’m going to see the old, Rika I’ve used to know.” Ayumi said the last part in her most sincere voice.

“ Thanks, but I need more time…”

“Frankly speaking, 3 years? That’s a lot of time… but hey, each of us is different from one another right? Maybe you’ll need another 3 years… or 10 years more for you to move on.”

“I think I just heard your sarcastic voice over there.”

“Hahaha! You noticed? Hey, I had a good idea!”

“What’s that?”

“My idea is…. That you hang this phone up and eat your lunch with those three… I’m hungry too.”

“You’re the one who called… Well, anyways, thanks for listening to me… I appreciate it.”

“Yeah, sure. Just call me if you need someone to talk to… It’s my pleasure to skip class and talk to you if you had any problems.”


Rika smiled when she turned off her phone. She went to the cafeteria where Eri, Reina and Sayumi where waiting for her. She was really thankful to have such good friends who will do anything to make her happy. Friendship that’s already tested with time.

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