I’m One of the muses, A common wood nymph roaming around Parnassus, Happy with my little sweet pea. With her delicate, fragrant flowers Carried on long, slim stalks, She captivated me. I ran to her flaming with desire. I am flaming. Burning Blazing with desire. Too hot for my sweet pea. Because she’s so delicate, So delicate for me. As I touch her, she transformed into ashes. I burnt her. And out of a haze, you were formed. Like smoke given out by fire. A fireweed that sprang up in the burnt over area. A replacement, I thought. You quenched my thirst. Suffuse my hunger. My desire. I came to you for a crown And you gave me a kingdom. You made me eat on a golden plate And drink from your cup of diamonds. But like a common pitcher plant, Cut your base open And there you’ll find my body’s remains trapped inside. A pitfall in the middle of the forest. I will name you Venus? The goddess with a seducing brilliant red trap. Open to all beings that needs nurturing. Show your bosom and all will crave for your milk. From a butterfly, you turned me to an ant. When I brushed only slightly against your skin, You closed within an instant. Rigid spines on the margins of you blades interlock tightly. As soon as I was trapped, You digested me. Used me as a nutrient material. I know this is about to last for only a week. By the time your leaf reopens, You’ll be reedy for other sufferers. Trapped inside, I accepted my fate. Then there she came one spring day. My little delicate sweet pea. Now a spring beauty in full bloom. A low perennial herb. With narrow, succulent leaves And loose cluster of white and pink flowers. But your leaf has closed. I cannot escape.

Resonant Blue: Nightmare Version  


Cute can be deadly....

It's better if you're watching the Pv (nightscene version) while reading this one... Harharhar... And it's a really long one shot fic.XD

“Hey, have you heard the latest rumor nowadays?” The girl in front of the mirror asked the other girls inside the dressing room. The girls immediately looked her way. They belong to a rising idol group and rumors are something that can bring them down easily.

“What’s with that bothered look of yours, Airi? Don’t tell me,” the girl paused and thought hard about the next line of words she’s going to say “you’re involved in a rumor?”

“NO! I’m not involved in it Chisa… But” Airi looked removed her gaze from the mirror and faced her friends. She gulped before continuing, “it may concern all of us!”

“Is that rumor… about the ‘kawaii-girls’ killings?” Maimi butted in. The other girls gasped in horror. They knew it. The rumor started almost two weeks ago and as the days passed by, the number of girls being killed increases. Airi nodded in agreement. Chisato looked back and forth on the two girls and sighed.

“Well, what about it? It’s just a rumor and the police can’t find any corpse for evidence! And besides, if we don’t go out all alone in the darkness of the night, it’ll be alright.”

“Aren’t you scared?! Our group’s name is ‘C-ute’. What if those killers attack us?” Nakajima Saki put her hand on the ‘raging’ Airi’s shoulder.

“Look here Airi, I think… if those killers want to kill cute girls, they are most likely to target those three groups before us, right?” The girls thought about what their friend said and were relieved… for a while.

The sound of the phone vibrated loudly on the four corners of the room. The owner didn’t pick it up until the answering machine turned on.

“Konnichiwa! Ai Takahashi desu! Sorry but I cannot answer the phone right now. Kindly leave a message after the tone.”


“AI-CHAN!!!! I know you’re there! I demand you answer the phone right away!” The girl smiled as she heard the voice of her best buddy on the other line. She ignored it and continued doing her exercise.

“AI-CHAN!!!! Just pick up the damn phone!!!!” Sweat was dripping on her forehead right now but she still didn’t stop on what she’s doing. At last her friend gave up.

“Fine! Just open your TV and watch the E-News right now!” The other girl hanged up. Ai stopped her cycling exercise and walked towards her 21” television set. After turning it on, she went back on the bicycle.

A girl wearing a black and white stripped long sleeved knit jacket was seating in a local café shop. A famous local entertainment news network invited her for an exclusive interview. Cameras flashed now and then but it didn’t distract the girl from answering the interviewee’s questions.

“Konbanwa, Kusumi-san! Thank you for giving us some of your precious time for this interview.”

“Konbanwa. It’s really nothing.” The girl replied together with a big smile.

“We’ll be straight forward with our first question… Is it true that you’re going solo?”

“Well, it’s not really like that.” The girl started and then looked up at the ceiling and thought for a while. “It’s like having a part-time job. I’ll still be with Sayumi and Eri in the ‘VaniPink’ and at the same time, I’ll be recording some solo songs. Maybe in the near future, ‘Sayu-Pink’ and ‘Eri-Pink’ will do solo jobs as well.” Kusumi finished giggling a little. She took a sip out of her orange juice and flashed a smile for the camera.

“So, the rumor that you had an argument with those two is not true?”

“Definitely. Those two are my bestest best friends. I treasure them here in my heart.” Kusumi puts her hand on her chest as if emphasizing her point. “All for one and one for all… Nobody will defeat us if we stick together.”

“Nobody ehh? That’s what you think.” Ai thought out loud as if talking to someone beside her. In the entertainment world, there are three well known, and well-loved idol groups namely ‘O.N.N.A.’, ‘VaniPink’ and the newly formed but fast rising ‘Nihao Girls’. Those three groups were handled by the same company. The first two have been in the industry for four years and running while the latter has been in for a year right now. Since two out of three members are foreigners, their popularity grew as people look for something different. Ai continued cycling as she listened to the rest of the interview.

“Speaking of those two, what are they doing now?”

“Well, it’s their day-off and they went to an amusement park. They wanted to eat crepes and ride in a Ferris wheel. Too bad I have work today.” Kusumi related happily.

“So, those two were having fun… It’s easy for us to strike now.” Ai grinned to herself as she continued pedalling. She must strengthen her leg muscles so that she can wear her special boots this night.

A girl opened the door of a black car and went inside. She was holding a blue sports bag and was wearing a brown coat, bonnet, and a red scarf on her neck to resist the cold night breeze. “Please take me near the Minato station.” The driver nodded and started the engine.

“I really wish Kusumi was here…” The girl wearing a white cap said as she took a bite out of her mango-flavored crepe. “It would be twice as fun as it is now.”

“It can’t be helped. She has an interview tonight. And besides, you’re with the CUTEST member of VaniPink!” As she said that, the wind blew hard making her long black hair dance with it, as if emphasizing the point.

“Sayu,” the other retaliated “you know that I’m cuter than you.” They grinned at each other and laughed.

“If Koha-pink is here, she would probably disagree to that and will tell us that she’s the cutest of us three!”

“I wonder if Ai-chan watched it.” The girl in the taxi thought as the car sped on the brightly lit hi-way. “Reina hasn’t even contacted me yet. I wonder what they are doing right now?

It’s late in the evening and almost all of the people are inside their homes and taking a rest. But for others, the darkness of the night don’t scare them. A girl was walking alone in a dark tunnel with nothing in her hands but a handbag with leopard prints. The walls, full of animal murals were echoing the sound of her high-heeled boots making contact with the pavement. But, there’s another sound that was following her….

*Insert ‘Real Face’ by KAT-TUN background music here*

“Yoh Zistah! Wait up!” The girl stopped on her tracks. She knew the owner of that voice. She looked back and saw her brother, holding a “Tanto” in his hands.

“Hey Coca my bro! What are yoh du’ing here?”

“Yoh fo’got yer weapon inside yer capital R. to the double O, M.” The blonde haired guy hand over the small version katana to the girl. He reached out for his yellow and black cap on the girl’s head and pat it. “Don’t stain ma cap. I’ma kill you if you do. I’m S.E.R to the I.O. U and S, Reina my zis.”

“Don’t worry Coca, my bro, I’ll take very good care of it.” Reina smiled at her brother and continued walking forward. She’s thankful that her older brother gave her the ‘Tanto’ instead of her ‘Katana’ for the latter won’t fit in her bag.

*Stop ‘Real Face’ background music here*

The two girls were the only ones left in the formerly-crowded eating area. The Ferris wheel was rotating in their background, carrying the last passengers for the night.

“So, do you like the turtle stuffed toy I gave you? It’s special you know.” Sayumi gave the other person a meaningful wink which the other understood completely. She gave her a nod. “That’s good because I’m the one who chose that in replacement for ‘that’ one. And by the way, my umbrella has bunny ears now.”

“Hontou?... Hontou?!?” Eri’s eyes widened a little at the news “Well, that’s more like you.” Eri removed some of her bangs that irritate her eyes.

“Oh yeah, and I added some new things in it too.”

“Ehhh?!?” Eri gasped as she fixed her cap to give her a better view of her ‘clever’ friend.

Reina was walking calmly along the train tracks now. The added weight on her bag made her place it on her shoulder for support. She looked from side to side, checking whether someone’s following her or not as she walked towards her destination. It was still a long way towards the amusement park and anything can happen in the darkness of the night. Suddenly, her cell phone rang out loud.

Risa was busy with her cell phone. She just sent Reina a message, and now, she was typing yet another message to the person she’s going to meet.

“What can you say about the Nihao Girls?” The reporter asked Kusumi.

“Hmmm… All I can say is that we’re still the CUTEST idol group! Hehehe... they still have to improve a lot on their cuteness for them to overthrow us.”

“Hey, let’s finish our snack and go home.” Sayumi said to Eri. The other girl nodded.

“Yeah, I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen tonight.”

“I guess this is enough exercise for the night. Maybe Reina’s waiting for me now. I need to get dressed.” Ai thought as she stopped exercising. She went inside her room to get a decent shower but she noticed her wall clock near her bed.

Oh crap! I’m really really late! I guess I overdid my exercise… There’s no time left. I need to hurry!” Ai got her keys on her table and went to the door. She put on her shoes and got her weapon before going out of her apartment, wearing her black jogging pants and grey Dickies shirt… full of sweat.

“I’m getting near. And Ai’s still nowhere in sight. Risa said that she’ll be late… Are they expecting me to do the job alone?!?” Reina sighed as she quickened her pace.

“What about the Official Notoriously Narcissistic Association?”

“Well, they themselves said they’re more of a ‘cool’ group than a ‘cute’ group like ours so… we’re ok with that.”

“What about the latest rumors nowadays that cute girls are being killed? Aren’t you scared of that?” Kusumi flashed a smile towards the interviewer.

“We’re not scared. In fact, we want to meet them and make them appreciate our cuteness.” A momentous pause.

“They will ‘die’ from it.”

A school girl, around the age of fifteen has just entered the train station. She slid her card through the sensor to pass the gate and put the card inside her black shoulder bag after using it. She went near the tracks to wait for the last train… or rather; to wait for the person she’s going to meet. She slid down her shoulder bag and held it tightly, together with her other bag near her lap. She was thankful that she’s the only person in that station… Nobody must see them together.

I hope those two started early. We have a lot to do tonight. Risa thought as the car sped on the high-way. She gave a meaningful look at the driver through the rear view mirror. The driver in turn stepped on the accelerator, making the car fly past the others.

“Woah! Fried Noodles!” Li Chun clapped her hands as the waitress put down the girls order. On the other hand, Qian Lin placed the soy sauce near the plate of vegetables.

“Arigatou! Woah, it sure smells delicious!” Linlin, Qian Lin’s nickname, smelled the cuisine covered in tomato sauce. “What a nice treat from Aika. And the place’s really good too.” She added.

“Well then, what are we waiting for… Dig in!”

“What’s taking her so long? They will miss this chance that I’m giving them.” Aika thought as she waited ‘patiently’ for that person. The two headlights of a train can be seen from her back. The last train for the night has arrived in the station.

“Hmmm, the food tastes great! Do you think Aika treated us here because she wanted to get closer to us?” Junjun asked her friend in their native language, acknowledging the presence of the waitress pouring a tea into Linlin’s cup.

“Well, this is not enough right? It’s better if the management made us a duo instead of trio.” Linlin laughed.

“I’ll give her another three minutes then I’ll get inside the train.” Aika looked up on the sky and sighed. Every second spent alone seemed really long for her. But she must do this… She’s sick being with them.

“Come pick me up after five minutes.” Risa said before going out of the car. The driver got out and opened the door for her mistress. “Thanks for the ride.” Risa muffled as she gave him a quick look in his eyes. The driver bowed before closing the door and drove away. Risa gazed at the front of the station.

“I’m pretty late but I hope she’s still here.”

“You know the great thing about the crepes that they sell here?” Sayumi asked her companion. She saw that Eri’s listening intently that she continued. “That’s its so delicious, once you’ve tasted it, you want to consume it real slow to enjoy its flavour.”

“Yaah!” Eri replied, “You will feel a sudden urge that you want to buy another one once you’re done eating the first.” Eri held her crepe near her face with her two hands and acted like she’s one of those fan girls, ‘moe-ing’ over their favorite idols.

“And that would make you fat! It’s bad for our image right?”

“I’m here… Oh, there’s Takitty. We’ll have lots of fun tonight.” Reina walked towards her friend who’s standing near the entrance of the amusement park. Her bag’s still over her right shoulder.

The two girls approached the deserted ‘playground’ for both kids and adults. They saw their target near the ferris wheel.

“It’s such a pity that Kusumi revealed their exact location on her interview.” Reina looked at her companion with quizzical eyes. Ai gazed at her and grinned, “She’ll be the one responsible for the impending doom over her ‘minions’. Reina laughed so hard that the two self-proclaimed ‘cute’ noticed their presence. If it were a scene in a manga, the creator would probably draw lightning bolts across the sky, and sparks will form as their gazes meet halfway. The two quickly gobbled up their remaining food in their hand. The other two walked closer towards them.

“Too bad, your leader’s not here. It will make our job easier.” Reina said out loud. Sayumi’s ever ‘cutesy’ face was immediately warped into an angry scowl.

“SHE’S NOT OUR LEADER!!!!” Sayumi screamed. Eri tried her best to restrain her fuming friend.

“Woah! What’s this? An internal conflict?” Ai chided. It was Eri’s turn to frown.

“We don’t have internal conflicts in our group! It’s just that we don’t have a leader… WE are the leaders! All for one, one for all!”

“Then ALL of you will go to hell tonight!” Reina screamed as she got her weapon inside her bag. Sayumi reached out for her umbrella near the table and Eri got her turtle stuffed toy inside her backpack.

“I’ll take care of the weird one. I know you have a long time grudge over that irritating ‘Shige Pink’.” Ai reached for her ‘arnis’ hanging on her back and walked towards Eri.

“Do you suppose that bamboo sticks there will be enough for my turtle?” Eri put her ‘not-so-ordinary stuffed toy on her right hand, making it look like a puppet instead.

“That’s you weapon?!?” Ai mocked. “I will break your little hands together with that turtle!”

“This is not just a ‘turtle’...” Eri corrected. She began moving her fingers in an up-and-down motion, making the turtle’s mouth move. “This is a ‘snapping turtle’. Its bite force is similar to a crocodile, about 1,000 pounds of pressure. That’s enough to break a large animal’s leg bone…”

“Well, try to break this one!” Ai stomped hard on the floor. Her boots let out a knife-like metal on each of its tip. Metal spikes spread on the other parts of her boots. “Let’s get it on…”

Eri lunges toward her opponent and immediately tore her opponent’s bamboo sticks into halves. It would seem that Eri has the upper hand but Ai quickly dodged her attack and pierced Eri’s right arm with her spiked boot. Blood immediately gushed out of the wound but it’s not enough to stop Eri. She switched her weapon to her left hand and readied for another attack. On the other hand, Reina was having a difficult time dealing with Sayumi.

“If only I can find a way to go past her stupid bunny umbrella…” Reina wiped her sweat from her eye. She glanced at her partner a hundred meters away from them. “Woah, she’s doing pretty good… I think I need to get serious too.”

“I know what you’re thinking. It’s not easy to defeat me. I’ll let you see my weapon’s full potential before you die!” Sayumi placed her umbrella in front of her and started rotating it. She pushed a button and metal spikes grew on each edge at every rotation. Reina’s eyes grew wide as Sayumi put it on a stop and bring it upwards.

“Die you trying hard yankee!!!” At this, Sayumi rotated her umbrella and let the metal spikes flew at Reina. Reina’s weapon was designed for defence; accompanied with her swiftness, its short blade was capable of repelling most of the spikes that comes her way but there are still some spikes which left a cut to her light-blue jacket and through her bare skin. Reina had no choice but to ran towards her opponent and lessen the distance between them. Sayumi saw her approaching and stopped rotating her umbrella. She immediately closed it and transformed into a sword-like weapon with the supposedly ‘cute’ bunny ears turned into lethal ears of death. Reina’s hope to close the distance wasn’t working either. Sayumi’s weapon was longer than hers. If brute strength was not enough, she must resort to her slyness and ‘acting’ capabilities.

“OH MY GOSH! Is that Junnosuke Taguchi?!?”

“KYAAHH!!! GRANMARIE-SAMA!!!!” Reina grinned as Sayumi turned back and lost her focus at her. Reina’s plan worked and she immediately jumped on the screaming fan girl and removed the umbrella on her hands. Reina fell on top, straddling her legs onto Sayumi’s body.

“BAKA!” Reina said as she punched Sayumi’s face, “You fell in my trap right away!” Sayumi tried to fight back but the smaller one was really stronger than her. She can feel her ‘once’ beautiful face turned numb as Reina made it into a punching bag.

“How dare you ruin our song ‘Namida No Houkagou’ in our last Christmas concert?!?” Reina grabbed Sayumi’s collar drenched in blood and pulled her closer. “You sounded like a drowning cat!!!” Reina seized her weapon beside her and struck her victim on her heart.

“Revenge at last!”

“You’re no match for my speed! I’m the fastest runner in our school!” Eri boasted as she saw Ai trying to catch her breath from exhaustion. Her metal boots were making it hard for her to move and she must exert a lot of strength and effort just to run faster.

“Well, even though you’re the fastest runner, it doesn’t hide the fact that you’re already bleeding while I’m just sweating.”

“I’m going to make you bleed right now!” Ai fell down on her back as Eri hit her with her flying kick. She quickly raised her stuffed toy and thrust it towards Ai’s bare neck. Ai smiled for she was waiting for this moment. Using her flexibility and gracefulness that she learned from her ballet lessons, she managed to catch the deadly turtle and broke Eri’s left arm. Eri screamed and writhed in pain. Ai stood up and looked at her victim coldly.

“Serves you right. You stole my position in our weekly program. You know how much I loved wearing those cute costumes. I’ll make you pay right now!” Ai crushed Eri’s head with her spiked boot.

“I didn’t know you had a grudge on her” Ai looked back and saw Reina walking towards her. “Miss Elizabeth Kyamei stole the lime light from you.”

“Yeah…And now, it’s over. Let’s call Risa. I wonder what she is doing right now.”

“You’re late!” Aika said to the approaching girl. “I was going to board the train right now.”

“Gomen… We had a recording today.” Risa lied. “So, where’s the thing that we’re talking about?” Aika opened her blue hand bag and searched for something.

“They’re good martial artists in China. If want to beat them, use this.” Aika showed two necklaces to Risa: one blue and the other, red. “The blue one makes the wearer’s body hard as steel, just like the scales of the Seiryuu while the red one makes the wearer powerful and aggressive, just like the fires of Suzaku. But they must work together in order to win” Risa scrutinized the seemingly ‘ordinary’ accessories in her hands. Aika groaned as the doors of the train closed and left.

“Don’t worry. You can take a ride with me.” Risa smiled.

“Arigatou! For that, I’ll give you a bonus.” Aika gave a piece of paper to Risa.

“What’s this?”

“A diversionary tactic in case those necklaces won’t work against them. They can’t resist that!”

After the interview, Koharu stayed and ate her dinner. The venue was a famous Chinese restaurant but in order not to disturb the flow of the business, the owners let them use the private room used for reservation parties upstairs. When Koharu finished her meal, she decided to go home and take a rest. She put on her sunglasses and went down the stairs towards the back door. There was a dark alley right ahead. It was so dark that she accidentally bumped into someone.

“Ouch! You better watch…. Oohhh…. Look who’s here…Isn’t it the miracle girl” By the moon’s light, she faintly saw the two Chinese girls in front of her.

“Is that the right way to talk to your sempai?” Kusumi replied mockingly. She wanted to kill these two conceited, big-headed foreigners ever since the day they came to their company. She grabbed her cell phone from her bag.

“What?” Junjun said in a mocking tone “You’re going to call your mommy and ask her to spank us? Hahaha!” Linlin joined in her friend’s laughing fit. Kusumi stared at them grimly.

“No… I’m going to kill the two of you with this!” Kusumi swung her cell phone above her head and the ‘keitai’ charms lengthened. The two Chinese girls exchanged glances and did their defensive stances.

Risa and Aika were in the middle of their journey when the latter remembered something.

“Shucks!!! I forgot my black bag at the train station. I’ll have to get it.” Risa nodded and looked at the driver from the mirror but before she can say anything…

“I’ll get it myself. Time is precious. They may finish eating ahead of time and leave the restaurant. We mustn’t let this wonderful chance pass.” Aika declared.

“Wow, I didn’t notice that you’re keeping such great grudge against your ‘team mates’. I thought that you’re the stoic type of person.”

“Any person who’s been with those brats will definitely want to get rid of them.” Risa laughed at the sudden change of personality of her companion. She motioned the driver to stop the car near the bus station

“Just wait for the last bus to take you to the train station. Ja ne!”


Risa’s phone started ringing the moment she left Aika on the bus stop. It was Reina calling.

“Yoh! What’s up?”

“Where the heck are you?!? You let us do the work alone!” Reina yelled. Ai snatched the phone from her.

“We just finished our job here so there’s no need for you to go here.”

“No, I’ll give you something important for our next job. I’ll be there in five minutes. Don’t forget to clean your mess over there. Don’t leave any traces of blood.” Risa reminded.

“Yep. Don’t worry about that. Ja!”

Kusumi’s weapon was no match for the two martial artists. They easily evaded every attack that Kusumi gave them.

“This is fun!” Linlin squealed in joy.

“Don’t forget that this is a good way to burn all those extra calories after a really heavy dinner, nee?” Junjun answered. “Alright, let’s finish her now.” Kusumi held her keitai tightly. She was trapped in the middle of the two warriors.

“Two against one… That’s really lame. There’s no honor in killing a person with numbers.”

“Oh really? We’re the type of persons who doesn’t think about those things. We will get rid of anybody who comes in our way… In any way we like.” Junjun said and attacked Kusumi from behind. Her kick was so hard that Kusumi kneeled in pain. Linlin hit her face with her knuckles which made Kusumi’s nose bleed. Even though she was in pain, Kusumi tried to fight back. She removed her battery and threw it towards Linlin. The battery exploded and burned Linlin’s left sleeves. She rolled down on the ground to prevent the fire from getting bigger. Junjun swiftly went towards Kusumi and elbowed her nape and twisted her head after that.

“Linlin, are you alright?”

“Hai, just a few second degree burns in my arm. Let’s get out of here. That’s a pretty loud explosion. The police might investigate it.”

“What about her?” Junjun pointed towards the dead girl.

“Leave her. Just get her wallet so those policemen will think that it’s a case of homicide with robbery by some notorious criminal.”

“So, what are you going to give us?” Ai asked her friend. Risa removed from her pocket the necklaces.

“It will give you some power to defeat those martial artists.”

“What?!? Martial artists? I thought we’re just going to attack those bratty Chinese girls?” Reina asked.

“Hai… Those Chinese girls and the martial artists I’m talking about are one. Qian Lin and Li Chun are deadly for they studied Kung Fu ever since they were a child. And in order to defeat them,” Risa gave the blue one to her best friend and the red one to her Yankee friend. “you need to help each other.”

“So how will this necklace help us?” Ai inquired. She can feel something happening inside of her, still unsure whether it was just her imagination or it was the necklace.

“Well, the blue one will make you as hard as steel. I guess no weapon can penetrate your body. So you need to protect Reina and shield her as much as possible.”

“And what about this necklace? I feel like I’m getting hotter.”

“As far as my informer told me, you will become stronger and aggressive. So you’ll be in charge of the offensive side, while Takitty’s on the defensive side.”

“So what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” Ai excitedly said. Risa stopped them and looked at Reina.

“I need you to do one last thing before we go to that place.” Reina gave her a puzzled look. “I think your brother can help us for our diversionary tactic.”

“Hey, are you alright? Does it hurt?” Junjun asked her friend. They were walking in a park near the restaurant.

“Hai, daijoubu. I’ll be ok…” Linlin saw something in the distance. “I just need to eat some dumplings and I’ll be alright!”

“Dumplings?!? Where?!?” Junjun followed her friend and saw a moving store selling dumplings.

“Woah! Just the smell makes the pain disappear.” Linlin thought.

“Konbanwa! I’m Yuuichi the Dumpling King! How may I help you ladies?”

“How much is the dumpling?” Linlin eagerly asked.

“Well, it’s just 500 yen per piece. We have pork, chicken and beef dumpling. And some exotic flavors that I specially made!”

“What are those exotic flavors?” Junjun inquired.

“I have Akame’s Sizzling Dumpling. I used the spiciest chilli in it so don’t try to eat it if you think you can’t handle the heat.” Yuuichi pointed to the brightly colored red dumpling on his right side. “And then I have the Ue-ue Dumpling. It’s made from the lips of a cow and wild boar.”

“Eww. Gross…” Linlin groaned. “What’s its taste? And what’s ‘Ue-Ue’?”

“It may seem gross to you but it really tastes good. As for the name…” Yuuichi thoguht for a while, “I just think it sounded cool.”

“Well, give us three pieces for each flavor!” Junjun declared. Fighting Kusumi really made her hungry.

“Hai! Coming right up!”

After five minutes, the girls finished their order and paid for their food, using Kusumi’s money.

“That’s the tastiest dumplings I’ve ever tasted! Nakamaru’s Mobile Dumpling Store is the best!” Junjun declared happily as they continued their journey home.

“Yeah, and that wild boar’s milk really saved our tongues from that Akame dumpling. Man, that’s worst than wasabi.” Linlin stopped on her tracks. Her friend noticed that her friend was not following her. When she turned around, she knew the reason why.

“My, my… what do we have here?” Linlin said in a sarcastic voice. She glared at the two girls from head to foot.

“Do you want to get hurt just like what we did to your comrade?” Junjun asked as soon as she saw Reina’s short katana, and Ai’s spiked boot.

“Actually, we’re here to say thanks for getting rid of her. You made our job easier.” Ai explained. The two of them took a step forward to close the distance between them.

“Yep, we’ll give you the gift… of death!” Reina lunged towards Junjun and tried to stab her with her tanto. But Junjun was way faster than Reina. She dodged the attack and caught Reina’s arm. With some swift moves, she relieved Reina of her weapon and threw her hard, back to Ai.

“Try to control your anger.” Ai reprimanded.

“I can’t help it. I have the feeling that I just want to attack them.”

“I guess it because of that necklace of yours. But still, try to remain calm.”
“They’re fast… I had a hard time catching up with Eri but these two must be ten times faster than her.”

“What? Is that all that you’ve got? We’re not even sweating yet!” Linlin laughed. The two did their defensive stance again. Ai tried to suppress her laugh. Those two looked like Jet Li or Jackie Chan in one of their movies with that dragon and tiger stance. She felt like they were shooting an action movie.

“Well, this is it Reina. We have to trust in Risa’s plan.” The two girls charged at the Chinese girls. Junjun used Reina’s weapon and tried to stab Ai. She was stunned when the blade didn’t even pierced Ai’s bare skin.

“I can see that you’re shocked.” Ai grinned. Linlin back flipped and caught Reina’s head. She wanted to twist it just like what they did to Kusumi but instead, her hands got burned by an unseen fire. She retreated back to her friend.

“She’s on fire… Literally. I can only think of one thing.” Linlin declared.

“Hai… They have the necklaces of Seiryuu and Suzaku.” Junjun replied. “Well, in any case, we can still beat you even if you have those accessories.”

Junjun and Linlin smirked at them and then started running towards them. Reina and Ai were dumbfounded when the two started moving really fast; like the ones they watch on Animés. They started encircling the two members of O.N.N.A. Junjun stroke them with the Tanto on every turn. Ai was protecting Reina with her own body. The Chinese girls created a vortex which was taking the oxygen from the two helpless girls.

“I’ll try something!” Reina yelled and removed her necklace.

“What are you doing?!?” Ai growled. Reina ignored her and threw one end of the necklace at the two running girls. It caught one of the girls leg and the vortex immediately vanished as one of the girl fell on the ground.

“AHHHH!!!” Linlin screamed in pain as the necklace managed to burn her left leg. “Why is it always me who gets burnt?” Junjun helped her friend get up and using the Tanto, destroyed the red necklace. The other two tried to breathe some air.

“You’re getting on my nerves! I’m going to kill you!” Junjun charged at them. Ai used her boots to dodge Junjun’s strikes but she can’t keep up with its weight and Junjun’s quickness. At last, the Chinese girl managed to break Ai’s necklace with a swift thrust from the Tanto.

“The next thing you will see is this weapon going straight to your neck!” Junjun was about to launch her final attack but was stopped by the sound of her grumbling stomach.

“It’s about time for those dumplings to take effect.” Reina said while snatching back her weapon from the fallen girl’s hand. Linlin was squirming in pain too.

“You… poisoned…us?”

“No… but I asked my brother’s friend to put lots of laxative in the dumplings. We learned from someone that you can’t resist it.” Reina explained before beheading the taller girl. Ai on the other hand stepped on Linlin’s head with her boot.

“At last, our job’s finished.”

“Yep, let’s clean our mess… Hey, you have some blood on your cap.”

“USO!!! My brother’s gonna kill me!!!”

“I think I’ll do some exercise before sleeping… Those girls were tough and fast… I need lots of strength from my legs.” After coming back from their exhausting work, Ai went directly to her bicycle exercise machine in order to hone her leg power further. She grabbed the remote and opened her T.V.

“Otsukare sama desh’ta! Arigatou. Arigatou…” As Ai opened the T.V., the late-night news was being shown. It was showing the last scene at Kusumi’s interview where she was thanking the interviewer, photographer and the other staffs present at that time. Then the location switched into a dark alley revealing a dead girl’s body.

“This horrible scenery was just a 300 meters away from the renowned Chinese restaurant where the interview was held. The music industry will be saddened by the sudden and unpleasant departure of one of their talents.

“Those girls… They don’t know how to clean up their mess…”

Reina bought some blood-stain remover from a convenient store. She was walking along the busy street when she turned into a corner for a short cut, her favorite place, the tunnel. As she was walking, she met someone she’s not expecting to see.

“Woah… you finished you job already? You’re fast. I just retrieved my bag from the station and was taking a short cut here.”

“Pardon me?” Reina raised her eyebrow but the girl ignored her and asked another question.

“Did those necklaces help you? What about the dumpling thing?”

“Oh… So Aika is Risa’s informer…”
“Hai… It did help us… May I ask… the reason why you want to kill off your team mates?” Reina asked curiously.

“Well, I’m sick of them. They’re so arrogant and conceited. They’re worst than those spoiled rich bratty kids.” Aika replied, full of emotions. Reina wanted to go home now so she started walking away from the monologuing Aika.

“But now that they’re gone, and so as those VaniPink girls…. I’ll be the cutest talent in Hello! Evening! Hahahaha!” Reina turned back and patted Aika’s shoulder.

“You know what… I was going to let you off the hook because you helped us but… I really hate those people saying they’re cute.” Aika turned back but she was met by Reina’s sword. Aika’s head roll off towards the other end of the tunnel. Reina wiped her weapon before putting it back into her bag. She disposed of Aika’s body first before getting her head.

“Hey, this is really scary you know. Haven’t you heard the rumor about the ‘kawaii-girls’ killings?” Momoko said after Miyabi showed them her ‘shortcut’.

“I don’t want to go in there! Even though we really wanted to go home now, I will still want to take the long way.” Chinami seconded.

“Look, it’s just a rumor. Don’t be such a wimp. Come on!” Miyabi pulled Saki and Risako. The others followed closely behind them.

“Oh look!” Risako said as she spotted someone over the other end of the tunnel. “That girl’s really brave. Coming here all alone.”

Yurina walked faster, and squinted her eyes. “Is that Reina Tanaka of O.N.N.A?” The other girls tried hard as the dimly lit tunnel makes it difficult for them to see in the distance.

“What is she doing there? Why is she putting a bowling bowl inside her bag?” Saki asked.

“There’s only one way to find out… Reina sempai!” Miyabi shouted. Reina accidentally released Aika’s head due from shock. It rolled off near the Berryz Koubou girls.

“W…wait… that’s no ball…. That’s Aika Mitsui’s head… right?” Maiha nervously looked at their sempai whose walking slowly towards them.


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