I’m One of the muses, A common wood nymph roaming around Parnassus, Happy with my little sweet pea. With her delicate, fragrant flowers Carried on long, slim stalks, She captivated me. I ran to her flaming with desire. I am flaming. Burning Blazing with desire. Too hot for my sweet pea. Because she’s so delicate, So delicate for me. As I touch her, she transformed into ashes. I burnt her. And out of a haze, you were formed. Like smoke given out by fire. A fireweed that sprang up in the burnt over area. A replacement, I thought. You quenched my thirst. Suffuse my hunger. My desire. I came to you for a crown And you gave me a kingdom. You made me eat on a golden plate And drink from your cup of diamonds. But like a common pitcher plant, Cut your base open And there you’ll find my body’s remains trapped inside. A pitfall in the middle of the forest. I will name you Venus? The goddess with a seducing brilliant red trap. Open to all beings that needs nurturing. Show your bosom and all will crave for your milk. From a butterfly, you turned me to an ant. When I brushed only slightly against your skin, You closed within an instant. Rigid spines on the margins of you blades interlock tightly. As soon as I was trapped, You digested me. Used me as a nutrient material. I know this is about to last for only a week. By the time your leaf reopens, You’ll be reedy for other sufferers. Trapped inside, I accepted my fate. Then there she came one spring day. My little delicate sweet pea. Now a spring beauty in full bloom. A low perennial herb. With narrow, succulent leaves And loose cluster of white and pink flowers. But your leaf has closed. I cannot escape.

Chapter 62  


1 more chapter to be uploaded...

“I hope, what happened didn’t change her.”

“Yeah, she didn’t changed a little bit even after going through that. She’s still the same energetic and ‘Genkii’ Makoto we’ve used to know.” Hitomi became silent at what Aya said. She reminisced the time that someone dared to be with her for the first time.

“Hi! I’m Makoto Ogawa! I’m from Eijisai Gakuen…. I’m one of your fans!!!” Hitomi smiled at the shaking girl in front of her. Her sister was still taking her shower.

“Thank you, I’m sorry that we had to beat your school.”

“It’s ok… I don’t really care about them… I’m really happy that our school’s the one hosting this match. That way, I can see you personally.”

“Thanks, I appreciate it very much.”

“Hitomi! Have you seen my pants?” Miki yelled inside the shower room. Hitomi started to feel nervous.”

“No! I didn’t.” Hitomi yelled back.

“Is that Mi…” Hitomi immediately covered Makoto’s mouth. She let out a sigh of relief when Miki didn’t respond.

“Yes, that’s my sister.” Hitomi said as quietly as possible. “My sister’s not that… you know, friendly towards others.”

“Yes, I know that she’s considered a bully or something in your school.” Makoto winked at Hitomi.

“Right…” Hitomi trailed off “Have you researched about us? Well anyways she doesn’t want other persons to be close to me, so it’s a bad thing if she sees us together.”

“Why? We’re just talking right? It can’t be that bad…”

“You have no idea what she’s capable of doing. Believe all the things that you’ve heard about her.”

“How about you then? Aren’t you lonely with your situation?” Makoto asked. Hitomi looked at her sincerely.

“I don’t know…. She’s always beside me so I don’t feel like I’m lonely or something.”

“That’s really sad… You have no other friends besides your sister but don’t worry… Makoto’s here! I’ll cheer you up as much as possible!”

“Thank you for your concern… I appreciate it.” Hitomi smiled at her.

“But I guess the only time that I’ll be able to meet you up is when your sister’s not around… It’ll be hard but, it’s worth a try..”

“Makoto was really persistent… She’s making me nervous whenever she sneaked in our campus.” Hitomi joked.

“Nervous about you being called by the guidance counselor? Or nervous of what Miki might do to her?”

“Actually, both.”

“I guess I wouldn’t be surprised if I hear one day that you die out of heart attack!” Aya laughed.

“You’re right, that’s why I’m not drinking coffee or else, I would die early.”

Aya sighed after her laughing fit. “Makoto’s persistence was one of the reason why I’m here on this school.”

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