I’m One of the muses, A common wood nymph roaming around Parnassus, Happy with my little sweet pea. With her delicate, fragrant flowers Carried on long, slim stalks, She captivated me. I ran to her flaming with desire. I am flaming. Burning Blazing with desire. Too hot for my sweet pea. Because she’s so delicate, So delicate for me. As I touch her, she transformed into ashes. I burnt her. And out of a haze, you were formed. Like smoke given out by fire. A fireweed that sprang up in the burnt over area. A replacement, I thought. You quenched my thirst. Suffuse my hunger. My desire. I came to you for a crown And you gave me a kingdom. You made me eat on a golden plate And drink from your cup of diamonds. But like a common pitcher plant, Cut your base open And there you’ll find my body’s remains trapped inside. A pitfall in the middle of the forest. I will name you Venus? The goddess with a seducing brilliant red trap. Open to all beings that needs nurturing. Show your bosom and all will crave for your milk. From a butterfly, you turned me to an ant. When I brushed only slightly against your skin, You closed within an instant. Rigid spines on the margins of you blades interlock tightly. As soon as I was trapped, You digested me. Used me as a nutrient material. I know this is about to last for only a week. By the time your leaf reopens, You’ll be reedy for other sufferers. Trapped inside, I accepted my fate. Then there she came one spring day. My little delicate sweet pea. Now a spring beauty in full bloom. A low perennial herb. With narrow, succulent leaves And loose cluster of white and pink flowers. But your leaf has closed. I cannot escape.

Chapter 26  


The end of season 1!!! Yey... the song that Maki "composed" is AYUMI HAMASAKI'S song entitled "FATED"... so there... oh yeah...some nose bleeding parts... Promise... I'm not myself when I wrote this one...XD

Fireworks lit the cold night sky. Rika and Maki were watching the New Year fireworks show in their subdivision park together with their parents. Rika brought with her a gas mask so as not to trigger her asthma with all the smokes coming from the fireworks. They had fun that night. Maki’s mother brought some Roman Candles and sparklers. They shared them with Rika’s family.

“I’m really happy that your daughter was able to bring back my daughter’s smile.”

“It’s nothing. I’ve never seen my daughter this happy after she met your daughter.” Mrs. Ishikawa said after lighting her sparkler.

“Well, I guess we benefited from each other. I really hope that Maki’s a guy. I’ll gladly give the hand of my daughter to him if that happens.” Rika’s father joked and they all laughed while watching the two from afar.

“Look at our parents… They’re laughing… Hey don’t do that! That’s dangerous!” Maki yelled at Rika. Rika aimed her Roman candle beside Maki.

“And you really think that I’ll fire this to you?” Rika laughed.

“Geez, you’re so much like your father. I guess they were laughing because of his funny jokes again.

Maki and Rika wrote their names in the air using the sparklers. They were so happy that time that they were able to spend the start of a new year together. When they got tired, they watched the fireworks display under a tree. It’s almost two o’clock in the morning when their parents called them to go home. They will have to wake up early to go to the shrine.

If there were many people in the shrine last Christmas, that number doubled this time.
“Aren’t you coming with us to have your fortune checked?” Rika’s mother asked her when she told them that she will go to the entrance of the shrine.

“I’ll wait for Maki. We want to get our fortunes together.”

“Ohhh, just like some lovers ne~e? You know what, if Maki’s a guy, I’ll get you two engaged already.” Rika’s father laughed so hard that Mrs. Ishikawa had to hit him in the shoulder and reminded him that they were still in the shrine.

“Stop that, you’re making our daughter blush. Look, she’s turning into a tomato. Well then, we’ll go ahead of you. Maki’s staying with us tonight right? I’ll prepare a good dinner. The two of you can go anywhere you want but be home before dinner, ok?” Mrs. Ishikawa said before pulling her still laughing husband towards the fortune teller booth.

I’ll get you two engaged already

“If they only knew” Rika stayed near the entrance for about 15 minutes more until she saw Mrs. Goto with Maki. Mrs. Goto and Maki went inside the shrine to pray. When they were finished, Rika went to them.

“Ohayou! Happy New Year!”

“Happy New Year too!! Where’s your parents?” Mrs. Goto inquired.

“They already went home after they checked their fortunes.”

“Is that so… Are you going somewhere after this?”

“Yes mom, we’ll go to the amusement park. They have a promo, a ride-all-you-can for a low price.” Maki answered.

“If that’s the case, let’s get our fortunes checked already so you have lots of time to enjoy your New Year.” Mrs. Goto led the way towards the booth. She immediately picked a paper containing numbers from inside the bowl and gave it to the man managing the booth. He found the number that Mrs. Goto picked and gave her a piece of paper where her fortune was written.

“You’ll have to retain the look of your house so as not to have bad luck.”

“Hey mom, what’s your fortune?”

“My fortune is… that I have to get some pictures right now of our house so that we can apply its design to our new house in Tokyo so as not to have some bad luck. I’ll get going now. Just get your bag in our house when you go home after having fun in the amusement park. You’re staying with Rika tonight right?”


“Alright, have fun but be careful, ok? Jaa!”

“Jaa!” They both answered. Both their parents were somewhat cool. Rika’s parents were jokers specially his dad and Maki’s mom were fun to hang with because she was acting like just like a teenager. They were not strict and were very close to them. That’s why, Rika and Maki were enjoying their life to the fullest. They both drew out a number and gave it to the man and after a couple of seconds, he gave them their respective fortunes.

“My fortune is… A new, happy life will unfold before you this year.” Maki declared. She looked at Rika and smiled. “And it’s already unfolded in front of me.”

“That’s a good one… You’re somewhat like a poet” Rika laughed. She knew that she was the one Maki was talking about. “Mine’s….” Rika was stopped when she read her fortune.

“What is it? Is it bad?” Maki asked.

“Your loved one will hurt you deeply. You must accept it so as to be happy again… It’s pretty weird, right?” Rika commented after reading the paper.

“Hmm, but I’m sure I’m not the loved one that paper is talking about. I’ll never hurt you.” Maki pulled Rika away from the booth. These matters were hard to discuss in public. They went to the bus stop and waited for a bus going to the amusement park to arrive. Rika was silent. Maki knew that she was still thinking about her fortune.

“Hey, stop thinking about it. Don’t let that little piece of paper ruin your life.”

“But it’s what written in my fortune. I don’t know what I’ll do if it gets true.”

“We are not bound by fate. We, ourselves, make our own destiny. That fortune will just serve as guides or just an advice. My mom went home to take a picture of our house so that she can apply it too to our new home. But that’s not enough for us to live a happy life. Even though we don’t follow that, I’m sure we’ll both be happy because we love each other. Now you if believe seriously in your fortune, unconsciously, you’ll decide on things that will make that fortune to come true. Don’t let this happen, ok? Think positive.” Maki explained. That’s what her father said to her when she was young. She somewhat became sad but she tried her best not to show it to Rika.

Rika thought for a while and then threw the paper on the trash bin. “Hai, I’ll follow what you said.”

“Let’s have fun in the park!” They boarded the bus when it arrived. When they arrived in the park, they immediately tried different rides and attractions. Rika was clinging to Maki tightly when they went inside a haunted house. Rika was teary eyed from all the screaming when they emerged from the exit.

“Wow, you’re really brave! You didn’t even scream when a creature jumped right in front of us.”

“I guess that you become brave when you are protecting someone you love.” Maki replied and Rika blushed hard.

“Stop that! You’re embarrassing me with you’re poetic language.” Rika hit Maki on her shoulder and Maki laughed instead. They enjoyed their stay in the amusement park. They rode the Ferris wheel just after sunset, before going home. Maki insisted that they must go home already but Rika pulled her towards the ride. She had no choice but to follow Rika because she didn’t want her to feel sad. She hesitantly rode the Ferris wheel. The lights from the city and the cars make a wonderful view from the top. Maki sang something softly.

Do you believe in fate --
A momentary encounter
That changes everything in your life
Before that?

We notice it the moment our eyes meet someone's
We come to feel it sure in contacting with him or her
But then once
We feel weak in the knees

The wind strokes my cheeks and makes me feel real
Whispering softly that this is not an illusion at all

I've been thinking that I couldn't reach your voice
I've been thinking that this dream wouldn't come true
But the person before my eyes is
You see? No one else but you

Where does this road lead to
And how does it continue?
Even if I imagine them
It's of course that I have no clue

I feel the more I wish to be strong
The weaker my heart becomes in inverse proportion

I shouted your name in tears
I wished I wouldn't wake up, if it were a dream
Ah, the person before my eyes was
You see? No one else but you

Rika stared hard at her and smiled. “That’s the first time that I’ve heard you sing! I never thought that you have such a wonderful voice… What’s the title of that song and who sang it?… I’ve never heard it before.”

“I’ve… composed it… And I guess that it’s not yet finished.” Maki said while blushing.

“Sugoi! I didn’t know that you’re a poet and a composer rolled in one… Hahaha!”

“I guess you become like that when you have such a wonderful person in front of you that gives you inspiration, gives you strength.”

Rika suddenly turned serious. She knew Maki was up to something… Or something was bothering her thoughts when she saw Maki tear up for the first time.

“You might perceive me as a strong person, but inside… I’m still a kid, afraid of loosing something important in my life. I’ve lost one, many years ago, and I wouldn’t let it happen now that I’ve found you.” Rika went to Maki and hugged her. The ride’s going to end up pretty soon and they might have to continue this conversation in their house. But Maki continued.

“My father… died when we went to a hiking trip. If I only gathered my courage back then. If I only helped him that time… If only… If only I’m able to face my fear of heights that time… he may have been still alive this time.”

Rika was shocked to hear that Maki has an alto phobia. That’s why she was hesitant to board this ride. She was somewhat sad to hear her story that she started to tear up too.

“It hurts a lot… That’s why, I’ve told myself not to make anyone come close to me except my mother. Because I don’t want to experience that same pain again if something happens to that person… But all of it changed since you’ve started coming into my life. I was like this before my father died, not like the loner and gloomy person that you first saw. I just made that personality. I was first a happy person. I’ve always joined in our school’s singing competitions. When my father died, I didn’t talk for a year. My mother had to get me out of the school. She enrolled me in a culinary school instead. At least, I can do something that will avert my mind from that fateful day. We transferred here 2 years ago and she tried to enroll me in a formal school again. I just talk when our teacher will ask us about something. I guess you’ve noticed that, that’s why you befriended me. I’m really thankful to you that you managed to make me smile again and let me experience how good it is to feel how to love somebody again.” Maki finished their conversation just before the ride stopped. Rika wiped away her tears but Maki cried so hard that it is hard to conceal from the curious staff.

“What happened to your friend?”

“Ano… She was afraid of heights, its nothing really.” Rika explained and she got a hard smack from behind from Maki. “Why did you do that? It’s the truth.”

They went first to Maki’s house to get her bag. When they got to Rika’s house, their dinner had just been served.

“What did you do to Maki? Why do her eyes look swollen?” Mrs. Ishikawa inquired.

“Ano, I forced her to ride the Ferris wheel but once we were inside, I realized that she had some trauma… phobia on heights… That’s why she cried all throughout the ride.” Rika explained. Half of it was true. Maki really had a phobia but that’s not the main reason why she cried.

“Maki, don’t let our daughter bully you. If you need to hit her, just do so.” Mr. Ishikawa replied.

“Otousan, hidoi!” Rika exclaimed and both her parents laughed.

“So, Maki, what do you think of our daughter?” Mr. Ishikawa asked. Maki was caught off guard by that question that she almost spit out the water that she was drinking.

“Ano, What do you mean by that?” Maki asked.

“Well, it’s just that the two of you act like lovers… and if you were really a boy, I will think of this dinner as, you formally announcing that you loved our daughter… or something like that.”

Both of them blushed at the same time. They were also afraid that they showed too much affection earlier that their parents noticed what they tried to hide from them.

“Aww, you made them blush at the same time…. Just ignore him.” Mrs. Ishikawa said.

“No, really. Try to visualize with me… If you cut Maki’s hair short and add her ‘gentleman’ character… She will really look like a guy.”

“And what’s your point here?” Mrs. Ishikawa asked her husband.

“Well, my point is…. If Maki’s a guy… How did he fell in love with our not-so-beautiful and troublesome daughter…”

“OTOUSAN!!!! You’re embarrassing me!!!” All of them laughed at Rika. Maki was relieved that it was just another one of Mr. Ishikawa’s joke. After dinner they went upstairs and took a bath. Rika had a large bathtub inside her room. Her mother prepared it. She put some oil and flowers so as the two of them can relax after a weary day.

“Dry your hair thoroughly before you sleep, ok? Oyasumi!” Mrs. Ishikawa left the two of them in the bathroom.

“Now, what shall we do?” Maki asked, her faced turned red when she saw Rika removing her clothes. She immediately turned around.

“Take a bath of course…”

“At… the… same time?” Maki heard Rika entering the tub. She didn’t reply first but Rika splashed some water on Maki.

“At the same time of course! Come on… Don’t try to act innocent. You’ve already seen my body last week.” Rika grinned at herself. Maki removed her clothes and entered the tub.
“Wow, this is relaxing. The temperature’s just right.” Maki commented.

“That’s why I always let my mom fix my bath for me… I just don’t get the right temperature right. It always ends up either too hot or too cold.” Rika couldn’t let her eyes off Maki’s body which made the other uncomfortable. “I didn’t know that you have abs…” Rika trailed off.

“My father was such a sports addict that he trained me in different sports when I was young. My favorite is futsal and basketball. That’s why I have this athletic body.” Maki tensed her right arm and showed her muscles.

“Wow, sugoi!” Rika went to touch Maki’s arms. “It’s so firm at such a young age… I envy you. Even though I was in the futsal team for a long time now, I didn’t develop that body…” Rika trailed off. Her eyes focused on Maki’s lips. Couldn’t resist the temptation and she kissed Maki’s lips. Maki on the other hand, put her arms around Rika’s neck and returned the kiss. Maki shifted her position and was on top of Rika. The scent of the oil and the warm water made them lose their minds on what they’re doing. After a while they both got up and Maki dried their bodies with the towel. She lifted Rika and carried her towards the bed. Luckily, Mrs. Ishikawa locked Rika’s room before she got out, that they had no worries that they will be disturbed.

Maki’s hand traveled down towards Rika’s legs. Rika moaned a little when she felt Maki’s hand near her wet opening. She tried to hold back her scream when she felt two of Maki’s fingers were inside of her. She was thinking that her parent’s room was just next door and they might hear that they were doing something.

Maki moved her hands faster and faster until they both reached their orgasm. They were both breathing heavily from exhaustion.

“I love you… Very much.” Maki whispered to Rika’s ears. She got the sheet and covered their naked bodies with it.

“I love you too.” Rika replied and hugged Maki before sleeping soundly that night.

The days passed by quickly. Maki and Rika were looking great wearing their toga as they march down the aisle. It’s both a sad and happy day for all of them. They were all happy because they passed their elementary education and were now getting ready for the next level. However, it’s also sad because some of their friends were going to other schools for their junior high level… Just like Maki. Tomorrow will be the day of their departure in this city. Maki promised to keep in touch as soon as they will arrive in Tokyo. Rika was thinking about this thing when the principal called her name for a speech. She was the valedictorian and Maki was the salutatorian. After her speech, the students went up to the stage and sung their graduation song. Some cried as they sing along. Rika tried her best to hold back her tears. She saw that Sayu was making a ‘scene’ on the corner. She couldn’t sing anymore because she was wailing while hugging her two best friends. Rika understand her situation. Sayu was moving to Tokyo to continue her study there. She visualized Maki doing the same thing as Sayu… That made her smile a bit. Maki wouldn’t do something like that. She looked at Maki and giggled a little bit. They were nearing the end of the song. Maki gave her a quizzical look and Rika just shook her head.

Lots of picture taking were done after the ceremony. Abe-sensei called her varsity members to have a shot taken. Rika and Ayumi were in front as the captain and the sub-captain of the team. Sayu’s eyes were really swollen from all the crying that she positioned herself near the back together with Reina and Eri. Maki was beside Rika. After the shot, Abe-san called her friend, Kei. Yasuda-sensei on the other hand, called the remaining students of class 6-A. It turned out as a large pictorial session. Many were happy but some were still crying.

Rika and Maki’s family went to a restaurant to have a celebration: for the graduation of their daughters and also, for the safe journey of the Goto’s. After the celebration they went home at the same time. Rika hugged Maki tight when they arrived in Maki’s home.

“Oi, you’ll break her bones…. Do you want to injure her the day before her trip to Tokyo?” Rika’s father joked. He somewhat did it because he knew that Maki was her daughter’s closest friend… and it’s really hard to let go of the person whom you are close with.

Rika released Maki and gave her father a glare… “Hidoi…” She said weakly. She didn’t stop her tears now. She just let it flow freely down her cheeks. Mrs. Ishikawa walked towards her daughter.

“We have a gift to you, which might be able to help you feel better.” She gave Rika the present. Rika was delighted when she opened it. It was a cell phone.

“I already got the number. Your parents gave it to me while you were on the stage… so I can store it on this…” Mrs. Goto gave Maki a cell phone too. It was the same as Rika’s, but only the color differs. Maki and Rika were both happy. At least they can communicate with each other now.

“Since you’re a valedictorian, your mother and I decided to give you that phone… Be sure to take care of it.”

“Arigatou!” Rika exclaimed.

“That’s the first time that I heard that from you again. All I can hear was ‘Otousan, hidoi!’” Mr. Ishikawa imitated the small voice of Rika. The rest laughed after that. Maki and Mrs. Goto went inside their house and Rika’s family walked towards their home. Rika immediately tested the phone and she called Maki.

“Konban wa!”

“Konban wa… Are you on your house now?”

“Hai, I’m on my room now… I just checked whether this stuff works, have a safe trip tomorrow!”

“Hai… Oyasumi!”

“Oyasumi… Aishiteru.”


Rika went to Maki’s place to help them pack their remaining things and clean the house a little bit. They already sent some of their stuffs to Tokyo yesterday. Mrs. Goto will be the one driving their car. They finished at around 2 in the afternoon. It’s a long trip to Tokyo about 7 to 8 hours by car. She hugged Maki tight, one last time before she entered their car.

“I’ll keep in touch often!” Maki promised.

“I hope we can see each other as often as we could.” Rika answered back.

“Don’t worry, we’ll visit you and you parents if we had some free time.” Mrs. Goto assured her.

“Thank you! We’ll be glad to entertain you in our house. Take care!”

Rika waved at them until she could no longer see the car. She went back to their house. She called Maki after dinner using her new keitai.

“Konban wa! Have you eaten already?”

“Hai, we just had our stop over at a certain restaurant. How about you?”

“Hai, I’m already here in my room… Hey you know what… I’m bugging my parents to let me study there in Tokyo too!”

“Really? That’s great… That means we can be together again!”

“I really hope that they will say yes… Well anyways, I’ll not bug you further. I’m sure that you’re tired already. Have lots of rest when you get there… Take care!

“Hai! Oyasumi!”

Rika woke up early. She was sweating profusely because of a strange dream. In her dream, she was calling Maki but Maki would not notice her. She approached Maki.
“Why are you following me… Who are you anyway?”

“I’m… I’m Rika…. I really missed you a lot!”

“Rika? I’m sorry, I don’t know you…..”

Maki walked away and she tried to run after her but she couldn’t reach her. A piece of paper flew right in front of her.
Your loved one will hurt you deeply. You must accept it so as to be happy again

Rika woke up right there. Her dream must be telling her something. Maybe Maki will see some good looking girls in her new school that she will eventually forget her. It was 4 in the morning. By now, Maki and her mother might still be sleeping in their new home. It was a tiresome journey after all. She decided that she will call her up in the morning. She forced herself to sleep again.

Rika immediately ran down to eat breakfast. It’s 9 in the morning and she decided that she will call Maki after eating.

“Ohayou! What our breakfast for today?”

Her parents just looked at her sadly. She noticed it and she taught that they were playing a joke on her right now.

“Hahaha… Funny… Stop teaching jokes on mom... It’s not funny you know.”

“We’re not joking right now… Just sit on the chair first before we reveal the news to you…” Mr. Ishikawa said gloomily.

“What news?” Rika’s heart beat very fast. It’s now clear that her parents were serious this time.

“We… watched the news on the tv earlier… and ……” Mrs. Ishikawa stopped. She was crying too hard that she didn’t have the courage to continue.

“Maki met an accident. The car bumped into a tree just before they reach Tokyo. The gas tank leaked and it exploded.”

“No… that’s not possible… You’re joking right?” Rika can’t believe what she heard. She then changed her mind when she saw her father cry too. “Did… th... they survived?”

“No…. They were burned to crisps… If it wasn’t for the car’s plate number, they couldn’t have told who they were.” Mr. Ishikawa tried to say in between sobs.

“No… no… NO!!!” Rika ran to her room. She immediately called Maki’s phone… It’s out of reach… She tried and tried but to no avail. She threw the phone and wailed.

“It’s not fair!!! IT’S NOT FAIR!!!!”

Their school had a ceremony for Maki when they leaned what happened to their former student. Even though it’s still vacation time, their school grounds were filled with students and faculty members. Rika couldn’t have the strength to give a necrological speech as the captain of the team. Ayumi took her place instead. Reina and Kusumi gave some speech about Maki. Hearing all of that makes Rika want to cry even more. Sayu’s family cancelled their moving to Tokyo for the mean time to attend the service.

Mrs. Goto and Maki’s ashes were placed inside an urn and were sent back to their place from Tokyo. Mrs. Ishikawa took the urn so that she can give it to one of Maki’s relatives when they searched for it. Ever since that day, Rika stayed near the urn and didn’t talk to her parents for almost month. She just looked at the urn and cry all day long. A cousin of Mrs. Goto arrived from America to get the urn. Rika didn’t want to give it at first. She didn’t want to get far from Maki again. Mrs. Goto’s cousin got a small bottle and filled some of it with Maki’s ash.

“I know my niece wouldn’t want to be far away from you, either… Please take care of this instead.” She gave the bottle to Rika. Mrs. Ishikawa gave her the urn. She accepted it and went on her way back to the hotel. Rika put a small ring on the lid of the bottle and put it on her necklace that Maki gave her.

“Now, we’ll never be apart again….”

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