I’m One of the muses, A common wood nymph roaming around Parnassus, Happy with my little sweet pea. With her delicate, fragrant flowers Carried on long, slim stalks, She captivated me. I ran to her flaming with desire. I am flaming. Burning Blazing with desire. Too hot for my sweet pea. Because she’s so delicate, So delicate for me. As I touch her, she transformed into ashes. I burnt her. And out of a haze, you were formed. Like smoke given out by fire. A fireweed that sprang up in the burnt over area. A replacement, I thought. You quenched my thirst. Suffuse my hunger. My desire. I came to you for a crown And you gave me a kingdom. You made me eat on a golden plate And drink from your cup of diamonds. But like a common pitcher plant, Cut your base open And there you’ll find my body’s remains trapped inside. A pitfall in the middle of the forest. I will name you Venus? The goddess with a seducing brilliant red trap. Open to all beings that needs nurturing. Show your bosom and all will crave for your milk. From a butterfly, you turned me to an ant. When I brushed only slightly against your skin, You closed within an instant. Rigid spines on the margins of you blades interlock tightly. As soon as I was trapped, You digested me. Used me as a nutrient material. I know this is about to last for only a week. By the time your leaf reopens, You’ll be reedy for other sufferers. Trapped inside, I accepted my fate. Then there she came one spring day. My little delicate sweet pea. Now a spring beauty in full bloom. A low perennial herb. With narrow, succulent leaves And loose cluster of white and pink flowers. But your leaf has closed. I cannot escape.

Chapter 15: The Final Showdown  


Hahaha! I found a fic that's not saved in 2007 version of word. So yeah, I'll just post this one instead.

“Aibon said she saw a body, probably eaten by wild beasts at the back of the shrine. Inside, there’s a corpse with a wide slash on her neck… That and the other four that we’ve seen earlier were the only victims that she saw.” After Hitomi made her call, Aika related to them what Aibon told her. The figure that struck their character with a spear was wearing a monk’s garment and a hood to hide its face.

“It doesn’t make sense… Where could Risa have been killed?” Rika asked to no one in particular. She glanced at Hitomi and saw that she’s in deep thought. She saw Hitomi walked towards the phone. The two watched silently as Hitomi dialled a number and waited fro the other line to answer.

“Moshi-moshi! Makoto is that you?.... Nothing in particular. I would like to ask something about a new game called Maiden’s Curse… yeah… What?! You played it?! N..nothing it’s just that….” Hitomi became silent. All that they heard from her was ‘hai’ and the ‘uhuh’ sound every now and then. “Don’t! Please don’t play it again…. It’s a long story…. I’ll tell you the reason tomorrow morning…. I promise… Please take care of yourself. Ja!”

Makoto was packing her uniform to her bag. It was supposed to be her day off but then, an emergency came up and the manager called her. She was just glad that her shift ended; her co-worker was already in the store so she had no point of lagging behind any further. As she was about to walk out of the locker room, her phone rang.

“Hai… Hitomi?” Makoto smiled. It’s not her store manager but her friend, Hitomi. She could sense urgency in Hitomi’s voice no matter how hard the other might try to hide it. “Why did you call?..... The game? Well, it’s a very brutal game; I already played it last night.” Makoto was shocked by the sudden outburst of the caller. “Ehh? Why are you so shocked?... Look,” Makoto cut her friend, “I know you hate snakes and that game is full of snakes right. So don’t play that game if you’re scared, ok?”

“The game was set in the 16th century and the zombies were all girls. Now based on the story line, those girls might be the girls in the town being killed by an unknown force. If you would ask me, the killer might have been Eri. You know, these games were all the same. They would ask you to investigate a person and it ends up that the person you’re investigating was the one responsible for whatever happenings in the game.” Makoto ranted while walking home, not minding whether the other listened or not. She heard a soft beep. “Hey wait, I have an incoming call.” Makoto clicked a button and answered the other caller. It turns out that another emergency came up and she was being called back to her work. She sighed. If she didn’t need the money badly, she will refuse it.

After ending the call from her manager, she clicked the button and talked with Hitomi again while tracing her way back to the store. “It’s the manager, she was asking me to have an overtime… Well, I guess it’s still a blessing in disguise. I’ll be able to play it again if I got bored. I’m already near the shri….. Ehh? Why won’t you let me play it? …. Long story? You can start telling it to me now…. Fine, promise? Sure, I will, Ja!”

“It seemed that Makoto also played that game.” Hitomi started. “I’ll meet her up tomorrow after class. We need to rest our minds so that we will be able to think of a good idea to help us survive this.”

“How can we sleep when there’s a possibility that she might attack us? I don’t want to sleep alone in my room!” Aika said, fear was etched on her face and voice. Hitomi smiled.

“Look, I have a gut feeling that she won’t attack us for now. Let’s all stay in your sister’s bed. You’ll be in the middle.” Hitomi answered. Aika in their middle is a much better choice than Rika. She presumed that it’s the presence of her best friend that made her sleepless last time so it’s better for her to prevent it for happening again. She needed that sleep. She would like to talk with her first best friend in her dreams.

“Who’s that person? She’s scary…”

“Hahaha… I thought that you would know by the garment she’s wearing. She’s Eri’s mom. The shaman, Yuuko.”

“Her mom!? I thought that she’s the one who told the authorities that it’s her daughter who’s responsible for the killings.” Maki rolled her eyes. Hitomi was like this ever since. When it comes to puzzles or things that need deep thinking, Hitomi would just ask her the answer. She’s not alive anymore and Hitomi must not rely on her too much.

“Why do you think she did this?” Maki asked in return. Hitomi furrowed her brows together. She was not expecting this kind of answer from Maki.

“I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking you?”

“And do you think that I really know the answer?”

“You know all…”

“Not always.” Maki lied, she knew the real reason but in order for her friend to start believing in herself, in her own judgement, she must do this. “Try to think for yourself. Why do you think she did that? Don’t you have any theory playing in your mind?”

Hitomi looked at her best friend. She can see the ceiling above her through Maki’s transparent body. She looked on her left and saw the two sisters sleeping soundly. In order to protect them, she must think on her own. Maki’s dead now, but she was really grateful that even if she’s already dead, she would always come to her dreams and help her. Hitomi closed her eyes and tried to connect the pieces of the puzzle in her mind.

“Eri’s mom is a shaman…” She started, “an evil shaman I guess. She DID say something about getting our souls… and Aika mentioned something about Eri’s hidden sadness on her picture…” Maki smiled as she heard Hitomi’s ramble. She was on the right track.

“Do you have any idea now?”

“Wait, don’t rush me…”

“Now, what’s this? Who ever said that you would inherit my lap top? I didn’t write it on my ‘last will and testament!” Hitomi opened her eyes wide and sat up straight on the bed. She knew Rika was a light sleeper so she made sure that she DID it in the lightest manner possible. And there she was, near her backpack.

“Hi Miki! What are you doing here?”

“What are you doing with my lap top?! You’re crushing it with your books! Do you know how much it cost? You should take goo pfff!” Maki covered Miki’s mouth. Hitomi stood up and went to her bag to remove the said item. She sat on the nearest chair.

“Don’t talk too loud, you’re going to wake them up.” Miki removed her sister’s hand and faced her.

“HELLO!!! WE’RE ALREADY DEAD! They won’t hear a thing even if I SCREAMED.” Miki yelled. Hitomi winced in pain as Miki’s voice irritated her ears.

“Please don’t shout. It hurts. Gomen! I forgot to take good care of your laptop.”

“You should be sorry, you benefited from me when I died.” Miki winked at Maki. Maki smiled. Her sister was helping her open Hitomi’s mind. It’s up to Hitomi’s logic and speed in getting their hidden information for now. She watched Hitomi’s confused reaction. Hitomi seemed like she was debating with her own self.

“Wait… it just… hit me…” Miki smacked Hitomi’s head. “OUCH! THAT HURTS! You’re too literal.. What I mean is I somewhat have an idea.” Hitomi said while massaging the part of her head that Miki whacked.

“Tell us, what’s your theory then?” Maki excitedly asked. She crossed her arms near her chest and squatted in the air. Miki did the same but she put both her arms to support her head instead.

“This is just a vague guess but, I presumed Eri didn’t want to kill those girls in the first place… or not that too many girls I supposed. Maybe, her mother was controlling her. Maybe….”

“May be you’re right?” Maki and Miki groaned at the sudden intrusion.

“Damn it Risa! You’re spoiling the fun!!!” Miki yelled. Hitomi was saddened by the new visitor. She can clearly remember how she was being dismantled by that woman.

“You’re the one who’s spoiling the fun. You should have told her earlier the truth.”

“That would only mean that she’ll always ask us for help. We need to teach her how to be independent for once.” Maki replied coolly. Hitomi grinned. She missed the much cooler person than herself. She knew that ever since they’ve stepped into the high school life, Maki, in her own little ways (like a sermon every after playing a game), tried to help her to be self-reliant.

“I know Hitomi could do it! She changed a lot since that incident. And I thought that you’re watching over her…” Risa said in a sarcastic voice. She faced Hitomi and cleared her throat. “You see, Yuuko used her daughter to get more souls. She poisoned her daughter’s mind by saying that the blood of the girls she killed will help her maintain her beauty. And it did, but the soul will go to Yuuko. She killed her own daughter because she knew her daughter will be able to get more souls by being dead rather than alive. Eri was fighting her mother’s control over her for many years now and” Risa paused, “us, killing Eri didn’t make Yuuko happy at all. She’s on a rampage right now, using the game as the method to get more souls. Eri is a trapped soul, made alive by Yuuko’s dark powers… she on the other hand...” Miki continued what Risa was about to say.

“Is a live person… both flesh and blood. Her knowledge of the witchcraft made her somewhat immortal.” Miki smirked at the offended Risa. “You think you’re the only one who’s cool?”

“You ruined my moment! I’m going to get you!” Risa ‘flew’ at Miki and tried to land a punch. Hitomi and Maki laughed at the scene in front of them. They can’t hit each other.

“Will the two of you just stop that? You’re wasting your astral energy. She might be able to get your souls too if that happened.” Maki said to the two. She looked at Hitomi and saw her inquiring eyes.

“Wait, that means… she can’t absorb your souls?” Hitomi asked the obvious. The two fighting girls glared at her at the same time.

“Duh!? If we’re absorbed by that witch, we wouldn’t be here!” Risa exclaimed. “But yeah, she can’t get us because we have strong souls. Unfortunately, the others were already in her possession.”

“NO way..”

“That’s why you need to go back to that shrine and finish it all again. I must inform you, you will not be saved by snakes anymore. Yuuko’s different.” Maki warned. She then pat Hitomi on the head. “I know you can do it… you just have to believe in yourself.”

“Minna… arigatou.” Hitomi whispered. She’s trying to stop her tears from falling from her eyes. She’s really thankful that her friends were still helping her out in this tight situation. “Arigatou…”



“You’re so scary…” Hitomi tried to open her eyes and saw that the siblings were standing near her. She didn’t have to sit up for she realized that she’s already sitting… in the chair across Rika’s bed. She looked up again at the two.

“Do you know that you’re sleep walking… and talking at the same time? If you only had the idea of how freaked out Aika ...”

“Wait! What did I say?!” Hitomi cut her best friend. If they heard what she’s saying in her sleep at least that would cut her time explaining to them. Or so she thought.

“We didn’t get much. We can’t understand what you’re saying.” Aika said, and took a piece of paper from her pocket. “but we sure understand the word shaman, Eri’s mom, Miki, laptop, , my name Aika, souls and the last thing that you said was arigatou.”

“You wrote it?” Aika smiled sheepishly before nodding. Hitomi yawned. There’s a lot of explaining to do. She looked at the windows and saw that it’s still dark. She glanced at her wristwatch and saw that it’s still 4 in the morning. She got at least three hours to explain what she dreamt (or experienced) before they will go to school.

“Please take care of yourselves.” Hitomi said to the two as they part their ways. Hitomi walked with them towards Mizushima Gakuen, an exclusive school for girls. Rika didn’t want it at first. Something might happen to Hitomi when she’s walking alone to her school but still, Hitomi prevailed. Rika took her sister’s hand and entered their school. Though they both go to the similar school, the entrance to their buildings were different. Middle school students have to go inside using the east gate while the high school students, the north or the front gate. Rika lied to the guard about Aika’s health so he allowed them to enter together. Hitomi decided to run as soon as she saw the two were already inside the premises. It’s a good 15-minute walk from Rika’s school to hers and running would definitely cut the time in half so she won’t get late. She tried to imagine that she was being chased by Yuuko as she increased her speed in running.
“I’ll take this as a form of exercise in case it will happen in the future.”

The three tried to have a constant communication through their phones even when the teacher is already in front. Aika was scared that Yuuko might attack or kidnap them in school so Rika and Hitomi always check on her.

“It’s already our second subject but Kusumi and Aibon are still not here.”

“They’ve probably gone to the airport and said goodbye to those Chinese exchange students… :)”
Rika typed. She knew what Aika was thinking as she pressed the ‘SEND’ button. She closed her phone tried to focus on her teacher. It’s better for her to develop a headache in understanding the Sines and Cosines of Trigonometry than to have a headache because of thinking too much of the game.

“Nee, Hitomi-chan, I think it’s not a coincidence. Kusumi and Aibon were not that close to Jun-Jun and Lin-Lin… Why would they go to the airport like ne-san said?”

Aika had a point. Hitomi was about to type her reply to Aika’s message when the principal announced her name on the PA.

“Ms. Yoshizawa Hitomi of class 2-A, please proceed to the principal’s office.”

“Geez, what did I NOT do this time?”

“Ohayou gozaimasu, princip…”

“I’ll go straight to the point; do you have any knowledge about the massacre?” Kaori noticed Hitomi’s eyes widen at the sudden news. Hitomi knew it’s about the death of Risa but hearing the word ‘massacre’ means there’s a lot of people involved.

“Gomen, I don’t know about that one. Who was killed?”

“Your friend in class 1-B, Risa Niigaki and her family… The police informed us about the intrusion in their house. They thought that it’s just another case of robbery with homicide but they found out that not a single yen was missing.” Hitomi raised her eyebrow. She knew where this talk was going and she has to prevent it from getting there somehow.

“And you think that we’ve been playing on-line games again? Even since that incident we just played in the arcade, game consoles like PSP, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo, and we don’t even connect our PS2 to the internet. You deleted that game in my laptop so we have no chance of playing on-line games.”

“Your… laptop?”

“Okay, Miki’s laptop but Maki gave it to me after her sister died… and that is before I’ve learned that Maki’s dead too..”

“It’s not that I don’t trust you but, this series of killings are affecting our school in the process. The parents are afraid that one of our students is the killer… ” Hitomi nodded. A month ago, a local T.V. station aired the news about the students of Seijiku Gakuen who’re being killed simultaneously. It caused a ruckus among the Parent-Teacher Association because of the safety of the students, their children. As a result, some parents transferred their children; some will come to fetch their child and on the part of the administration, 10 newly hired security guards were scattered on the school grounds.

“We’ve promised that we’re going to tell you everything that we know right? And I really didn’t know anything at all.”

“Even your friend from Mizushima? Ms. Ishikawa?”

‘Hai, I slept with her last night…” Iida looked at her intensely and Hitomi got what their principal meant. “I… I mean I… we… they…” Kaori cleared her throat. She’s sensing something fishy. Hitomi looked like a ‘kawaii’ guy. She can hear some of the girl’s talking when she’s doing her usual rounds saying that Hitomi’s their crush. It’s somewhat disturbing.
“Well, what I mean is, she invited me to stay in their house TOGETHER with her little sister to play NBA LIVE 2007. And that’s the truth.” They went on a staring game for a couple of seconds before Kaori left her gaze.

“Fine, if you say so. Just stay out of trouble.”

“Hai, I will.”


Hitomi ate her lunch at their cafeteria. She’s watching a noontime program and instead of the commercial break, a newsflash appeared showing the scene of the crime. The video showed a game shop near their area. Inside, the shop was in a messy state; game discs were scattered on the floor, there were broken glasses everywhere and the cables and wires were tangling someone to her death.

“Kuso, Makoto!!!” Hitomi grabbed her phone and called Aika for Rika still has a class during that time. Hitomi was about to say something when she heard that Aika was sobbing.

“Hitomi-chan… they’re dead… they were hit by a truck in front of my eyes.” Hitomi gripped her phone tightly. Yuuko attacked them in just a day at a different place; Makoto at the game shop, and Aibon and Kusumi at their school. Before, only one person was being killed per day. That’s her theory but the only exception was Sayumi’s group. Sayu was killed together with Reina and Ai in Sayumi’s residence. They were still in the same place so they were killed at the same time; just like Kusumi and Aibon now.

“Tell me, how did it happen?”

“They were crossing the street and out of nowhere, a bus suddenly appeared and crashed right into them.”

“Hey, where are you?” Aika search her phonebook and checked the names ‘Aibon’ and ‘Kusumi’. She then pressed the send button and waited for the confirmation. She put her keitai inside her bag and looked at the wall clock. It’s only 5 minutes left before 11:45; it’s almost lunch time but her two friends were nowhere to be seen.

The bell rang and she stood up to go to the cafeteria. Before going out of their classroom, she checked her phone for any messages.

“A new mail! I hope it’s from one of them.” Aika opened the message and it came from Kusumi.

“Hi! I’m with Aibon. We decided to skip class and went to the airport to say goodbye to Jun-Jun and Lin-Lin. Right now, we’re on the train so we’ll not miss the afternoon class, See you later!”

Aika ate her lunch at the cafeteria when she received a mail from Kusumi saying that they’re already near the school premises. Aika swallowed her meal and went towards the east gate. She can see their silhouette when she arrived at the gate. Aibon waved at her when she saw her coming. Kusumi looked on her left and right before pulling Aibon to cross the street. She really didn’t have to do that for cars rarely pass in this street.

“Guys! Walk faster! I have something to tell you!” Aika screamed from behind the school gate not minding the intense glare coming from the security guard. Then suddenly, a black bus appeared and hit the two crossing girls. Aika and the guard screamed in terror when they saw the girls’ bloodied bodies.

“Uso, the bus disappeared into the thin air.” The guard said. Although her vision became blurred because of the tears in her eyes, Aika managed to take a look at the direction where the bus ran off. In her hazy vision, Aika noticed a silhouette standing at the corner of the street. She wiped away her tears and when she looked back, the person she saw wasn’t there.

“I’ll skip my afternoon class. I’ll go there now. Wait for me.” Hitomi ended the call. She gobbled her food hastily and ran out of their school. They need to finish this as quickly as possible. Before, they were just dealing with a CD (she presumed), but now, with the ‘Maiden’s Curse’ making its way in the market, there are lots of possible victims. She knew, they were dealing with an evil spirit personified through Yuuko. They need to find out the way to defeat her and reading her journal might help them figure out the way. Hitomi arrived at the Mizushima Gakuen in one piece. The police were still there, a line was set in front of the east gate. She took a glance at her cell phone and ran towards the restaurant near the front gate where Rika and Aika were waiting for her.

“I’m glad nothing happened to you! I immediately went to Aika as soon as I’ve heard over the PA about what happened.”

“Yeah, I have a feeling that Yuuko will reserve us for last. Killing Eri angered her and we might assume that she’s preparing a more brutal way of murdering us.” The three became silent until Hitomi made a decision.

“Let’s go back… to the place where it all started.”

“I never thought that I’ll be coming back here in this dreaded place.”

“Yeah, me too.” Hitomi replied to Rika. The now burnt palace still stood majestically among the tall trees. The place reminds her of her best friend. She closed her eyes and tried to divert her thoughts. She didn’t want to remember how Maki was killed in front of her. It reminds her of her incompetence. Hitomi signalled them to continue walking. Rika brought Aika along for they don’t know what will happen to her if they left her. As they approached the burnt palace, they saw a woman, facing the huge door of the palace. She turned around when she heard that they were approaching.

“Hey, what are three school girls doing here? Are your classes suspended?”

“No ma’am, were here to….” Hitomi couldn’t think of a plausible answer. She was glad Aika was there to save them.

“Do an investigation for our History subject. We’ve heard a story that this palace belongs to a certain daimyo.”

“Don’t continue your investigation. This place is full of evil spirits. I can feel it. Something bad might happen to you here.”

“How can you say that? Who are you anyway?” Rika asked. The woman looked at them and smiled.

“My name’s Yasuda Kei. I can sense the bad spirits from this place because I came from a family of shamans… but I’m a modern witch a good witch that is… so don’t be afraid of me.”

“No wonder you’ve angered the spirit here. You killed her daughter.” Yasuda said after listening to the story that Rika decided to tell her. Rika thought that this ‘witch’ might help them kill Yuuko.

“We have no choice. It’s either we kill her or she kills us first. And besides, she was just controlling her daughter to do her dirty job.” Hitomi explained. Kei smiled and took out a long stick with some white paper flags hanging down from the tip. She recognized it as the stick that shamans swayed back and forth every time they were praying their mantra.

“So are you going to help us?” Aika’s question was left unanswered for the ‘witch’ was already uttering her mantra. “I guess that’s a yes…”

As Kei was approaching the shrine on the back, Hitomi felt her heart beating wildly. She’s starting to have a difficulty in breathing and her vision was beginning to fade.

“What’s happening with me?”

“Hitomi, are you alright? Hitomi?! HITOMI!!” Rika screamed as Hitomi fell to the ground with a loud thud.

“Where am I?” Hitomi asked as she opened her eyes. She looked around and saw that she’s still in the place where she fainted; except that nobody’s with her. She instantly stood up as she realized that Rika and Aika were missing. She noticed that there’s a light moving inside the shrine.

“Shit! What are they thinking?!” Hitomi ran towards the entrance and followed the light thinking that it was the three making it. She was lead to a door in the second floor, opposite the direction where they found the way to the tower. She opened the door when she saw that the light vanished suddenly. She was stunned. Inside the large room was a huge abstract painting. It’s painted in gothic colors- red seemed the blood that contrasted the black figures in the middle.

“Yocchan! Tasukete!”


“Yoshizawa-sempai… save us!”

“Konno-san! Are you trapped in there?!”
Hitomi approached the painting. She stared at it until the painting seemed to be moving. Her hunch was right. The black figures in the middle correspond to the souls of her friends. She flinched as someone touched her shoulders.

“Risa! You almost gave me a heart attack there. What are you doing here?”

“I’ll help you release them. Miki and Maki are trying to stop Yuuko from coming here. If we release these souls, it will make Yuuko less powerful because it is where she’s acquiring her powers.”
Risa explained. She put her hands over the painting and pushed it deeper; as if trying to pull something out. She’s holding a smoke-like thing on her hand when she withdrew it from the painting. The smoke turned out to be her best friend’s soul.

“Risa! I’m glad to see you again!” Ai Takahashi hugged her friend tightly.

“Hai, me too. But we need to pull out the others too.” The two agreed. They have pulled out many souls; souls of their friends, souls of unfamiliar persons and souls who lived in the past.

“I’m going to help Maki and Miki. Pull out souls as many as you can.” Risa exclaimed while Sayumi screamed. The others looked at her and they wanted to smack her head.

“Of all those souls that I can pull out, it’s our vice-principal…”

“Why? Do you have any problem with that?”
Sayumi shook her head and continued taking out souls from the painting. Hitomi stopped Risa.

“I’m going with you.”

“No, you have other things to do. Go back to your body and finish Yuuko once and for all.”

“Hitomi?! Thank goodness you’re alright!” Rika exclaimed as she saw her friend opening her eyes.

“We thought that Yuuko attacked you.” Aika said while handing out a bottle of water to Hitomi. Hitomi accepted it and drank the contents. She looked at the smiling Kei.

“Why are you smiling like that?”

“I didn’t know that you also have the power to communicate with spirits. Now, you’ve really angered her so get up on your butt and finish this mess.”

The four bravely entered the shrine. Hitomi can vividly remember the room where the painting can be found; the place where Yuuko was hiding her victims. Hitomi took the lead and guide them towards the dreaded room.

“There are too many souls in here.” Kei said as they were nearing the room. Aika gripped her sister’s arms tightly. The eerie atmosphere made the hairs on the back of her neck stood up. She felt like there’s someone… or something watching them. Hitomi took a deep breath and opened the door. The torn curtains were moving against the soft breeze coming from the outside and added some creepy feeling. When the four had entered the room, the door suddenly closed. Rika screamed while Aika squeezed in between Hitomi and her sister. Kei removed some candles from her bag and lit it with a lighter.

“Hey, don’t be scared. It will only worsen. Stay strong!” Kei gave a candle to Hitomi. “Your enemy is around here. We need to make her appear. Repeat what I say.” Hitomi nodded. Kei started saying words which sounded foreign to Rika and Aika’s ears but not to Hitomi.

“What are you babbling in there?”

“It’s Latin. A mantra for the good spirits to bring me good luck in today’s test.”

“It’s good that Miki’s not weirded out like me. You should stop that, it’s dangerous. You might call the bad spirits instead of the good ones.”

“Baka, I know what I’m saying. Would you like to have a crash course in Latin?”
The wind inside the room increased as they were uttering some mantra-like words. Hitomi smiled as she recalled how Maki painstakingly taught her some Latin words. She somewhat regretted that she didn’t take it seriously that time, she didn’t know that she’ll use it someday. Aika can feel her body being lifted by the strong wind. She tightened her grip around her sister’s waist but it was no use. Her body flew right towards the wall.

“Aika!” Rika screamed. The wind died down suddenly and Rika tried to go towards her sister. The shaman stopped her while Hitomi stepped forward.

“Let her go!” Hitomi screamed. Aika had a petrified look on her face. She can’t move herself from the wall. She looked beside her and she saw a somewhat transparent figure holding her right hand. The figure slowly became opaque, revealing a sneering Yuuko.

“You’ve got guts to tell that to me? What if I don’t want to?” The woman tightened her grip around the girl’s wrist drawing out some blood. Rika wanted to go near her sister but Hitomi managed to stop her just in time. Kei realized that the Latin mantra was not working with the powerful shaman… She grinned to herself before smacking her head with her left hand.

“Why didn’t I think about it before? Stupid me…” Kei started saying some incomprehensible Japanese words. Yuuko’s eyes widen as soon as she heard Kei’s voice. “I knew it. You can’t understand Latin mantra so it has no effect on you, but the ancient shaman mantras are hurting you.”

“SHUT UP!!!! I’m going to kil…. AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!” Kei moved forward and raised her voice towards Yuuko. Hitomi went immediately towards Aika as soon as she saw Yuuko’s grip loosen up. She helped Aika stood up and run back towards their companions. They were halfway back when she was shocked to see Kei flying up across the room and hitting the wall hard.

“I’M GOING TO KILL ALL OF YOU!!!!” The three felt the room shook wildly. Rika ran towards the fallen Kei and was happy to see her still breathing. Adrenaline rushed in and she carried Kei on her back. Rika tried to open the door but flames rose up from nowhere. It spread around the room, locking them inside.

“You will die here!!!”

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